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Women Who Stay With Men Who Stray-Debbie Then

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Brokensoul0512 posted 10/28/2012 22:11 PM

An old book but I've just found a copy of this book in my native language while looking for James C Dobson's book in a christian bookstore.

A very triggery book for all the BW.

I was raised by parents who pratically neglected their own children. No food, no love, no attention. My mother, a stay at home wife, didn't take care the household and always quarelled with my father about the lack of money. I grew up with determination to be a good wife who support my husband all the way and a good mother who will be there for the children.

Guess it's all not good enough and not a good way of life since I'm married to an unfaithful man. But I don't feel any regret. All I have done in this marriage and family with good intention for a good purpose and a future. I don't feel it's a sacrifice. I am also in the position to be able to choose, to stay or to leave. I don't mind living with less money. So for me, either way, it's all my gain and his loss. My personal thought: nothing's bad come from a good seed.

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