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Books on Handling Anger

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glastron posted 11/24/2012 20:09 PM

Does anyone have any book recommendations for working through the anger? Since my husband left (two years ago) he would never have a marital conversation with me again. He insisted all through our six months of counseling that the other woman was out the picture, never meant anything to him and I was over reacting. I have no idea what happened. He has refused to tell me. Instead saying the counseling didn't work and rewriting the marriage to suit his departure. I have so much inside of me that I can't get out because he won't let me. I am forced to be nice, sweet and just accept all of this because then he stays calm. After 22 years of marriage he treated me like a fool and like poison. I asked all the right questions but belived all the answers. The other woman has a tight noose around his neck and he reports into her for everything and she manipulates to her advantage like she is a saint in this. I am in counseling. Does writing help anyone with the anger? I had everything I worked for destroyed, devalued and taken from me. We are getting divorced because he has chosen the other woman.

NoTriangles posted 12/17/2012 18:39 PM

Hi Glastron,

I read the book Dance of Anger by Harriet Lerner. I found it very helpful when I was at my screaming banshee worst. I also tried to find physical outlets for my anger: screaming in the car alone, kickboxing,
and dumping it all in journals.

I'm so sorry you are hurting so much. Are you posting in General or D/S? If not, please do. We will help you through this.


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