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Cheesy romance novels

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CLRhope4her posted 12/10/2012 21:16 PM

I used to read romance/thriller books and occasionally just flat out cheesy romances :). I haven't read in months and months. Anyone have any suggestions on these type of books to start back up with?

misskirby posted 12/10/2012 21:27 PM

Sticking with the romance? I enjoy Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown quite a bit. If you like historical romance, I enjoy Julia Quinn or Stephenie Laurens.

CLRhope4her posted 12/10/2012 21:54 PM

Double post-got a little crazy and hit enter too soon!

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CLRhope4her posted 12/10/2012 21:54 PM

Of actually take any good read but generally if it doesn't have a little romance or at least a hot guy I get bored.

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ladyvorkosigan posted 12/11/2012 10:49 AM

Clarrissa posted 1/6/2013 16:26 PM

Cheesy romance? IMO, anything by Barbara Cartland... Lord knows there are literally scores of them out there that she's written.

julesinpain posted 1/12/2013 13:31 PM

Christine Feehan!! Paranormal Romance. Expecially the Carpathians, Dark Series! Lots of romance, sex and strong characters. Check them out! She has many paranormal series.

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