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Does anyone remember "sometimes they make it" post from way back

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formysister posted 12/11/2012 22:23 PM

It's been bumped a million times, but I haven't seen it for awhile. I can't even remember who posted it. Someone who posted a lot at the time. It was a post about how sometimes the OW and your WH do seem to live happily ever after...that Karma doesn't always happen. It was a hard post for me to read at the time, but it helped me a lot, and I think of it often. Anybody have any idea what I'm talking about? Anyone save it?

jo2love posted 12/12/2012 08:36 AM

We believe this was written by SithGoddess. I'm looking for the post. If I find it, I'll post the link here.

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imaf posted 5/31/2014 03:13 AM


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