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Greater DC g2g - May 19

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Amazonia posted 2/24/2013 17:44 PM

May 19. Dinner in downtown Bethesda.
PM for details, or I will send them out a week or so before to everyone on this list.

"Yes" RSVP
Stretch13 & PeterPan

Tred & SandAway


If anyone from out of town wants to come into town for the weekend, please let me know. I love hosting guests to DC and would be happy to show you around to some of the coolest sights! I suspect a few other locals would be up for more hanging out as well, but can't commit anyone but myself.


I'm off between semesters in May. Close to the whole month.

Anybody want to get together? Why?? and I were just saying it's been too long!

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Why?? posted 2/26/2013 17:52 PM

Sounds fun

Williesmom posted 2/26/2013 18:14 PM

I'm up for it!

Amazonia posted 2/27/2013 19:51 PM

From the folks I've been talking to, sounds like the first or second weekend in May, at a metro-accessible location just north of the Dstrict.

If you want to join us, please let me know.

Why?? posted 3/1/2013 07:08 AM


Tred posted 3/1/2013 08:39 AM


What's the venue? It's a bit of a ride (we are about 60 miles SW of DC) but might be able to make it.

Amazonia posted 3/1/2013 09:14 AM

Tred - PM'd you.

Why?? posted 3/4/2013 17:35 PM

Looking forward to a spring g2g! Go away snow!

Issaquah posted 3/4/2013 17:44 PM

I could possbily, maybe, DC is only 3.5 hours away.

Amazonia posted 3/4/2013 18:33 PM

Issa, sounds like it'll be May 11 (or a night that weekend) and we'd love to have you!!

Amazonia posted 3/6/2013 09:48 AM

Update: Sounds like May 12 for dinner. Location will be in downtown Bethesda.

PM or comment here for more details. All are welcome to join us!!

BMC0415 posted 3/6/2013 11:26 AM

I will be there as always

Why?? posted 3/6/2013 15:47 PM

Is it Sat., May 11th or Sun., May 12th? Hoping it's Sat.

Amazonia posted 3/6/2013 16:04 PM

Uh oh, Sunday. Somebody works on Saturdays...... I can't remember her SI name, because we've been talking on FB too long.

Why?? can you still make it if we do a Sunday evening?

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Why?? posted 3/6/2013 18:38 PM

May 12th is Mother's Day so I can't make it

Amazonia posted 3/6/2013 18:59 PM

Dang it! Mother's day! That's not going to work ... no one said anything when I threw it out earlier.

Back to the drawing board

Why?? is there anything I'm not thinking of on May 19?

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Amazonia posted 3/9/2013 12:25 PM

Amazonia posted 3/12/2013 10:48 AM

Okay, I added an interest list. More people than this thread lets on!

Issaquah posted 3/12/2013 13:27 PM

What about the first weekend in June?

Amazonia posted 3/12/2013 14:03 PM

I think we've settled on May 19, after a mess of graduations, work schedules, 5Ks and such planned around.

I'll be back in school the first weekend in June (yay summer semester ) and probably won't have time then.

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