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The Normal Bar

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lostnlove68 posted 3/1/2013 12:29 PM

Has anyone read the book called The Normal Bar and did it help with recovery ? Any imput would be helpful. We are doing well in recovery and want to learn more about keeping our relationship interesting.

PippaPeach6 posted 3/1/2013 12:51 PM

I'm reading this now, about a third of the way through. It is very thoughtful and interesting, the kind I read a bit of and then reflect on. It has a lot of statistics from around the world which are interesting, and a lot of interesting quotes.

For keeping things "interesting," Kiss Me Like You Mean It by Dr. David Clarke was excellent (and LOL funny). He has 2X4s for both men and women. DH is not a big reader but he really liked this book.

lostnlove68 posted 3/1/2013 14:46 PM

Mmmmm both sound interesting. I want to work on things to fix why the affair happened but I also want to understand how we can improve our relationship. Thanks for the information

PippaPeach6 posted 3/1/2013 15:40 PM

After I read this, I read some more in the Normal Bar. There isn't a lot in the Normal Bar that isn't covered in Kiss Me (so far, now I'm nearly half done) but Kiss Me has a lot more 2X4s (some gentle, some not so gentle) and a heckuva lot more fun read. I have to add that Kiss Me is Christian but if you are not or not deeply religious, the bottom-line messages are welll-worth skimming what does not apply to you. Just my .02.

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