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Mother Nature ... Not trying to tell you how to do your job ...

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SouthernGal posted 3/25/2013 16:36 PM

But is it the 25th of March and it is snowing in Alabama.

Not enough to stick or screw up traffic or anything ... but a few days ago we had 77 degree weather and today it is snowing.

With all due respect from the residents of North Alabama ... WTF?

jo2love posted 3/25/2013 17:21 PM

Mother Nature has a weird of a sense of humor. I want warmer weather, too.

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SouthernGal posted 3/25/2013 17:23 PM

I suppose, in theory, I would rather have this than the 100+ degree days with 70+% humidity that is coming up in a couple short months. But it is hard to keep up with this spring's weather.

wishingitwasnt posted 3/25/2013 17:24 PM

Oh, I'm totally ready to tell her how to do her job. I'm so done with winter.

Dreamboat posted 3/25/2013 19:19 PM

I am in GA and it is then end of March and we have had a total of 3 nice days!! 3 DAYS, separate days, days surrounded by cold damp weather. By this time we have usually had 3 WEEKS of nice weather. Not conservative, but enough to give me a break.

One of my friends broke out her sandals 2 weeks ago and is determine to wear them no matter how cold her toes get. Meanwhile, I am sitting next to a space heater...

Irolnyatbest posted 3/25/2013 20:40 PM

28 degrees and 14" of snow yesterday for us. Mother Nature needs to get it together

Sad in AZ posted 3/25/2013 21:06 PM

Spring is my least favorite season.

Mama_of_3_Kids posted 3/25/2013 21:36 PM

We have over 7in of snow here and it's still snowing off and on...the predicted high for Sunday is 52

yewtree posted 3/25/2013 22:16 PM

Send it to the southwest! We are headed for a drought. The wind blows all freakin day. I'm sure the fires this summer will be horrific!

Enjoy your moisture, and let's all work together to send your abundance of water to those of us who need it!

A pipeline perhaps?

Mama_of_3_Kids posted 3/25/2013 22:26 PM

yew, We were still considered under a drought until very recently Last summer we had a burn ban, our grass was brown, and our trees started losing leaves in like Sept (peak for foliage is beg-mid Oct usually).

purplejacket4 posted 3/25/2013 23:31 PM

I was in Washington DC for a conference last week that was timed to coincide with the cherry blossoms starting to bloom. Ha! I think I saw about ten trees by the Washington monument with a few blossoms. I should have taken a picture. Flew back yesterday but heard they got snow last night. Ridiculous.

However the record freezing temperature last night here (20) gave me the opportunity to break out my new 550 down parka I bought half price! Squeeeee!!!

Undefinabl3 posted 3/26/2013 07:59 AM

nowiknow23 posted 3/26/2013 13:18 PM

Mother Nature ... Not trying to tell you how to do your job ...
Remember how ticked off she got about margarine back in the 80s? I guess we're finally getting payback.

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