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Just burst into tears

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pizzalover posted 3/27/2013 18:05 PM

I just listened to new Pink/Nate Ruess song "Just Give Me a Reason". A beautiful song, but the below lyrics are what made me lose it:

No nothing is as bad as it seems
We'll come clean

Just give me a reason
Just a little bit's enough
Just a second we're not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again
I never stopped
You're still written in the scars on my heart
You're not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again

hurtmywife27 posted 3/27/2013 19:19 PM

I know the song well. everything TV, Radio, Songs, Commercials. Will get to you and what you did. I see my BS suffering and I know I am the that created that.

sosorry5454rl posted 3/27/2013 21:08 PM

Yes powerful song

HeartInADustpan posted 3/27/2013 21:27 PM


It is heart wrenching. Hang in there!

27yearsnowlost posted 3/28/2013 06:53 AM

As bw ....I down loaded this song the other night and played it over 20 times in a row and tortured myself. Just trying to find out as the songs says are we broken or just bent.

There a lot of songs that will set off triggers.

Brokenheart777 posted 3/30/2013 09:24 AM

I sent this song to my WGF when she was in the ILYBINILWY phase and asked for "time apart" because she was having an A. I can't listen to it anymore. It's too painful. Amazing song none-the-less.

Luvlyla posted 3/31/2013 16:07 PM

its a brilliant song and came out at just the appropriate time for me. the first time heard it i pulled over and cried and cried, downloaded it immediately and played it until i could sing all the words.

I was doing the same thing - trying to figure out if we were broken or just bent.

the next time it came on the radio, i had learned and accepted i had no control over his heart and his actions, and i knew mine was just bent, and i will learn to love again - with someone else who has learned from the scars on his heart. :(

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