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Goodbye Old Girl..

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Dadtryingtocope posted 4/8/2013 20:38 PM

I've been posting and venting for weeks about it. Now it finally happened. I watched them load her up and take her away. My heart sunk. This was my dream car. It should of never been included in the asset division. It was a gift from my lying, cheating, money hungry very soon to be EW. But in the end I couldn't prove it and I couldn't see me keeping it and losing the house that means so much more to my kids. So I post it here for you my friends to see her. I'm sorry old girl, you were a casualty of this vicious war. I only hope you get sold to someone who appreciated you as much as I did. You were more than just a car with a price tag to me. My dream car...

tryingagain74 posted 4/8/2013 20:43 PM

Well, that car is gorgeous, but perhaps it's best that you no longer have it. Now, you can work toward a dream car that hasn't been tainted by the poison of your XW. Plus, you put your kids first-- that speaks volumes about your character. If they don't realize and appreciate it now, they will.


Dadtryingtocope posted 4/8/2013 20:52 PM

Thanks TA. This one really hurt. I put a lot of work into that baby. But I agree, she is tainted now. We'll see if the EW comes back wanting things still in the house she believes are her "gifts". Don't think I'll be so quick to give those up now.

Amazonia posted 4/8/2013 21:12 PM

She's beautiful. That was actually my dream car as a kid, except in red. I think she looks even better in (tardis) blue.

I hope you'll have a chance for a New Beginning in this realm of your life.

gonnabe2016 posted 4/8/2013 21:12 PM

Holy Crap, Dad. That car is gorgeous! I'm so sorry that you had to watch it go....but you have your priorities straight, and that's nice to see.

tesla posted 4/8/2013 21:15 PM

Wow, that car is beautiful. Sorry you had to see her go. Sometimes being a responsible, unselfish, awesome guy sucks.

But, at the end of the day, you are a responsible, unselfish, awesome guy.

h0peless posted 4/8/2013 21:16 PM

Beautiful car. That generation of Corvette was always my favorite. Sorry you're losing it.

Lotsoflove posted 4/8/2013 21:38 PM

Wow! She's beautiful! And I'm so sorry you lost her!

Just know your sacrifice and unselfishness speaks volumes to me and other ladies on here about men with true character who put their kids first! So thank you!

Dark Inertia posted 4/8/2013 22:27 PM

Beautiful, but in the end... it is just a car.

hexed posted 4/8/2013 22:33 PM

wow- as a corvette owner and lover I think that might be my dream car *sigh*

I'm so sorry you had to send her off to a new home.

doctor49 posted 4/8/2013 22:37 PM

We'll see if the EW comes back wanting things still in the house she believes are her "gifts". Don't think I'll be so quick to give those up now.

I can suggest what you might trade them for.

dmari posted 4/8/2013 23:32 PM


fallingquickly posted 4/8/2013 23:38 PM

It's a beautiful car and I'm sure you have enjoyed her. However, I think it's quite appropriate that your children's swing set is in the background of the picture. You are putting your children first. That's great dad behavior. You'll build a great life for them.

Looby-loo posted 4/9/2013 03:37 AM

So sad I know. Another thing to grieve about, but in time this will be something your children will talk about .... How amazing their father was to put them first. There is no price tag on making your children proud,

An act of kindness this big can only bring you good fortune.

((( hugs )))

nowiknow23 posted 4/9/2013 04:56 AM

I'm sorry, DTTC. That has to hurt.

As a balm for the wound, remember that the person who buys that car undoubtedly has been searching for her for a lifetime. By making her available, you are fulfilling a dream for someone else.

veelop5 posted 4/9/2013 07:52 AM

boy do I understand how you feel...I lost my house, my things and my kids...I am so sorry and I wish that one day you would be able to buy yourself a fresh new beauty...Good luck to you!!!

Dadtryingtocope posted 4/9/2013 08:13 AM

Thanks everyone. I was pretty down all night after watching it leave on the back of the truck. My kids were sad too. They asked me why it was leaving and I admittedly said too much when I explained that "Mommy is taking it and selling it". They didn't understand yet why Mommy was taking Daddy's car. Someday they will know the whole truth.

The next few days will be tough. Temperatures in the 60's and 70's next few days. This would of been when I got the old girl out and drove her around to catch her first days of Spring. Spring and Fall are the best times for those old cars.

Hopefully someone will enjoy her and appreciate her like I did. She is a classic.

Better days ahead.

lost4now posted 4/9/2013 08:43 AM

So sorry dad! She is beautiful. You are one incredibly wonderful father! My smile is the biggest when I see my daughters smiling and happy. THAT is what you have to tap in to when you have a hardship like this.

One day......I hope you get to rekindle your love for a new beauty in the future!!!

lost4now posted 4/9/2013 08:47 AM

Oh STBXH bought me a brand new Camaro SS Convertible (black with silver racing stripes) as a Christmas present a year ago (guilt??)....I had to get rid of it. I knew I couldn't afford the gas in that thing as a single MOM! Damn it...I know it was bought for all of the wrong reasons but I DID LOVE THAT CAR!!!

I know how you feel!

Dadtryingtocope posted 4/9/2013 10:35 AM

Lost4Now - Sorry for your loss as well.

I will replace it someday. Not sure if it will be another classic or something newer. There are downsides to the classics - a lot of maintenance, tough in the summer heat, no power brakes, no power stearing, etc. But man she sounded tough coming down the road. You don't get that with the newer cars, nor the classic look with the chrome and style it had. I wish I had taken one more picture with me and the two kids in the car to frame for the house. Alas I thought of it too late.

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