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Speaking of kids...

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stillstrong posted 4/10/2013 10:06 AM

My DD18 called me about 2 weeks ago, excited because she thought she had a boyfriend. He sounded wonderful but I warned her to be careful with her heart until she got to know him better. Well, she texted me yesterday that they broke up because "he's just like Dad". I asked her to explain, and she said they were at a party together, and she said something he didn't agree with so he left her to mingle. She did a mental shrug and hung out with others while waiting for him to calm down. In the meantime, he flirted with other girls, and eventually left the party with someone else! Then tried to blame it on her because she wasn't paying attention to him at the party!!
So the good news is that growing up with a cheating narcissistic dad helped her to see the red flags pretty quickly. The bad news is that her picker is broken. Her roommate and sorority sisters told her she is not allowed to pick guys on her own anymore,lol.

Seriously though, I have been trying to get her to continue IC at college because she believes with good reason that her dad cheated on her mom whenever she got in trouble. The time he had a ONS, was after he and I disagreed on her punishment because she drank 2 beers on New Year's Eve. He punished me with OW(plural) whenever I didn't bow down and submit to his wishes/opinions, and this happened primarily when discussing DD.

lonelylost posted 4/10/2013 13:56 PM

((Hugs)) for your daughter.

It's good she saw those bad qualities and dumped him.

It always sucks when kids think they are the reason for broken waywards. My DS says the same thing sometimes. If she doesn't want to go to counselling, you can always try to bribe $$$. lol.

tesla posted 4/10/2013 18:00 PM

I'm glad she saw through that guy's bullshit. Seeing as she picked up on that, she may well come around to going to IC. Just keep throwing it out there for her.

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