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Running is my NB happy place & Destressor Praying for miracle

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She11ybeanz posted 4/12/2013 09:35 AM a couple of weeks ago during a long training run up our local mountain...I felt a twinge in my back right hip.... but stupidly ignored it cause it went away. Then, being EVEN MORE stupid....decided to run the mountain AGAIN 2 days later and then do speedwork 2 days after that! WELL...all of that did me in and my I have pain my right hip and buttock that has caused me to not be able to run this week. I went and saw a chiropractor and got adjusted....but am feeling slightly discouraged as my race is 8 days away!!!

Another caveat to that not only does this race mean a lot to me....but I want to do "decently at it" and it doesn't help that MOW is running it AND is in my age group!!! I'm a better runner than her....and not injured....I know I could beat her hands down.... but having the disadvantage of recovering from an injury gives me that seed of doubt.

She decided to start running when I was going through my divorce and only does it (I believe) cause she enjoys stalking me! She has already become friends with Piper's sperm donor just because she is nosy and seems obsessed with my life.. and always seems to taunt me at races. I try to be the bigger person and just get my revenge by kicking her butt (so to speak) IN the race! The results speak for themselves!!!

I won't walk it cause its a pride thing.... and the chiro gave me a 50/50 on a decent race.... UGH....

I guess I'm just gonna go for it....and hope for the best! This race just means too much to me to sit out. I already dropped down from the full marathon to the half.... and that was a blow to my ego as it is...but I just want to be able to do this... a little discomfort is okay.... but hoping to not be miserable...

Survivor3512 posted 4/12/2013 10:53 AM

Shelly- I'm sending you PV's that you'll be well by race day! And kick MOW's butt at the finish line!!

She11ybeanz posted 4/12/2013 12:30 PM

Thanks Survivor3512! hehe!

That's the goal!!! I usually aim to put as much distance between us as possible at a race! My own private way of revenge....LIVING WELL! (and running faster than her! )

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Heavy Sigh posted 4/12/2013 14:10 PM


If you run before fully healed and injure yourself in a more permanent way, then MOW will have had the final win.

You might get more revenge by not showing up at all. If I were an evil MOW, and started training and running when the only reason I did it was out of some sick need to get your attention - and you didn't even bother to show and I'd have gotten out of bed early for nothing and trained for NOTHING - I would be sooooo pissed.

Make sure you're physically OK to race if this race is THAT important to you. If it's not, then wait until the next one comes along, after you're healed, and win that one.

Sunnie posted 4/12/2013 17:05 PM

Sending you lots of healing vibes! Listen to your body, relax, recover, if it hurts, stop. Training a lot this close to the race won't give you many additional benefits but it will make you more tired and might injure you more. Provided you get clearance from the dr, I would still run if I was you. You will be well rested and motivated and for sure you will kick some as-phalt :)

risingfromashes posted 4/12/2013 18:08 PM

You might get more revenge by not showing up at all.

I understand that this is a matter of pride for you. I wonder, if you knew mow was not going to be there, would you risk additional injury by running?

You have nothing to prove. Take care of yourself first.

permanentpain posted 4/12/2013 18:14 PM

I wanna say go kick her butt, but I do believe rising has a point. Take care of yourself first, and then kick her butt on another race, fair and square

pointmagnet posted 4/12/2013 23:46 PM

I am a runner too... Do not go if you are injured, as it could be damaging to you long-term.

Plus the other piece of shit could care less if you are hurting or not. Hell, she just wants to make you hurt more.

I say don't even bother to compete with her unless she forces the issue. Then, just get yourself healthy and simply bury her.

tesla posted 4/13/2013 09:48 AM

Shelly, runner here and cross country coach. DO NOT run injured. Not worth it.

Many years ago I ran a race, injured, out of pride. Stupidest thing ever. I now have a chronic injury that I have to be very careful with and make lots of allowances for.

MOW can rot in hell.
Listen to your body, if it is telling you not to run, then don't run.

She11ybeanz posted 4/13/2013 19:50 PM

Thanks ya'll....I totally agree! I actually would have run this race even if she wasn't running in it and wanted to do the full marathon! But, my daughter is only 8 months old and I just couldn't get into full marathon shape fast enough and safely enough in time for the race and you don't want to rush marathon training....especially when this race boasts being "America's Toughest Road Marathon!" This is one of those "Bragging" races cause its the Blue Ridge and considered one of the tougher half and full marathons around! So, I figured, I could at least get into half marathon shape and I did! I was ready... (damn it!!!)

But, tomorrow I have an easy easy training "test" run planned where I'm gonna go it a mile at a time and see how I feel. If it hurts....then I won't run the race at all. My pride would be hurt run the race and not be able to finish... or crawl in dead last because my ego got the best of me... so I'm just hoping that tomorrow goes okay...

But, I won't lie.. I will be highly depressed if I have to drop out. I've trained so hard for this race...and was feeling so good about it...until now.

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KeepOnMovin posted 4/13/2013 20:32 PM

i gotta pile on with the others. The race will be there next year. and will still be the toughest road marathon.

I know from experience. R.E.S.T. is a 4 letter word. But those niggles can end up being chronic. and chronic injuries suck!

I say find another race in a few weeks or a month. Let mOW wonder whether the hell you are.

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