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Free Dinner

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Aubrie posted 4/12/2013 19:36 PM

Every Friday night we order pizza. Every Friday night I use their online ordering system.

Last week, they didn't include dipping sauce, salad dressing, and croutons. They blamed the new guy. Ok fine whatever. Life goes on.

Tonight as I'm beginning to wonder when my food is going to show up, the phone rings. I get the inkling I need to answer it.

Me: Hello?
Woman: Did you order a pizza...from *pizza joint*?
Me: Yes, among other things.
Woman: It's at my house...
Me: Uhhh...ok. I'll be right over.

WHAT!? My poor neighbors. He thought his wife ordered the pizza, she thought her husband ordered. He answered the door, signed the slip, turned around and they both went, "Umm...???" Thank goodness there was a customer copy receipt with my phone number on it.

I promptly called the pizza joint and ripped the manager a new one.

#1. My food was delivered to the neighbor's house.

#2. My neighbor signed my credit card slip. I have no idea if he added a tip and how much. And last time I checked, he is NOT an authorized user on my account.

#3. My house numbers are CLEARLY marked on BOTH sides of my mailbox. You cannot miss my house!

#4. To add insult to injury, they didn't put the bacon on my bread sticks which I paid an extra dollar for! (Maybe this should be issue #1. Lack of bacon is a huge deal!)

#5. Educate your employees and drivers. It's something called "good service". It includes making sure all pieces of the order are together, all items are correct, and reading house numbers before just dumping food off.

Manager Dude was freaking. out. Apologized profusely. Voided my order and refunded my money. Thankyouverymuch.

Do I trust them to completely screw me over next week? Ya know, keep in line with that whole "Third time's a charm" bit?

little turtle posted 4/12/2013 21:01 PM

Thank goodness your dinner was free. But geez, what a mess!!!

movingforward777 posted 4/12/2013 23:16 PM

Maybe your poor hungry neighbour ate the bacon off your bread sticks....
I would think long and hard before I ordered again if two weeks in a row they screw up your order and you place it on line!!
Maybe you had best have a chat with the manager and let him know how pissed you are that they can't get it right and you are considering changing places to order from......

Aubrie posted 4/13/2013 16:15 PM

Maybe your poor hungry neighbour ate the bacon off your bread sticks....

OMG, I totally never thought of that!

Mr. Aubrie was pretty annoyed when he got home and heard the tale. We're contemplating what to do next week. Maybe we'll skip the pizza joint and try grilling pizza instead. Hmmm...

sisoon posted 4/13/2013 16:45 PM

Ya know, keep in line with that whole "Third time's a charm" bit?

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