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Needing to think before I act

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Strawda posted 4/17/2013 10:45 AM

without looking at the actions of others and the outcome cosses a lot problems. Other day I got into BS car to get my cell, Doing so without asking was crossing into her space hear safe area without asking. An yesterday I confronted her about seeing someone that wasn't to be at my moms house. But she didn't see the person as my mom sed she did. So again I asoomd and didn't ask if she saw the guy who shouldn't bin at my moms. An made her think I was talking to someone els cuss how I worded it. An freaked her out. BS calld me ask who I was talking to and almost left me. So Make sure your actions are good ones and you think first... Why do we act like 5year olds just doing not thinking. An what have some do to help this problem. cuss this would be one biggest problem any A has started with.

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