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That stupid song spoiled my moment

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16forever posted 4/19/2013 00:24 AM

White snake song name is this love so today was a going fine H got home we were sort of cooking together he mostly watched I didn't care he was in the kitchen hanging with and my DD17 yrs old we were playing songs on this ihome sort of thing from my iPhone I played our song angel eyes by the Jeff Healy band then Reba's fancy so he picks a song the white snake is this love song at first I didn't remember it then it hit me he put this song on fb in the thick of the A at the the time he was saying she was just a friend .at the time he said he just liked the song it was followed by other love songs I found out at the time she had liked this song and the others and he was likeing love songs she put on her fb I only know this was happening because a friend that was her friend on fb gave me and my sister in law her password to her fb so we could look at OP I don't think he knows I know this does he not remember he did this it hurt me and made me unhappy the rest of the nite that's just weird to play that song is this love really u play that for someone u think u might be in love with not someone u have been married to for 18 yrs any input or thoughts to make me feel better

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