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proud of my DS. one reason I'm glad I left X.

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hexed posted 4/19/2013 17:10 PM

My DS is quiet introverted person. He has an extremely kind hear. He's a poet/writer of sorts. I've often described him as very self contained.

He hasn't done a lot of dating. He fell hard for a girl last spring. She sort of strung him along in the friend zone for a while. Then decided she wanted to date him exclusively, then she wanted him to be exclusive but she didn't want it to apply to her.

He drew a line and said no. He doesn't have a lot of confidence when it comes to girls so I was surprised. He knows he deserves and should be treated better. Its just a HS heartbreak but I'm dang proud of him. It was very hard for him and she would've strung him a long as long as he put up with it.

I feel like not tolerating the non-sense from my X was a good example for him. I feel badly that he's hurting but I'm glad he knows better!

Williesmom posted 4/19/2013 18:44 PM

Yup! I have a nephew that stood up to his "I may want to date other people" girlfriend. I think my experience showed him that we all deserve better than that shit.

Happydays posted 4/19/2013 20:04 PM

Well done! I know of a coworker's son who's GF can't decide on whom to choose between. Poor fellow is being dragged on and on.
I'd say quit the race and throw away the "prize".

Kajem posted 4/20/2013 04:12 AM

He does deserve better... and how wonderful that he knows it and can stand up for himself to get it.

The right girl will come along, they are out there... I am raising 4 of them.



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