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Not fighting is wonderful!!!

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homewrecked2011 posted 4/20/2013 20:11 PM

My D was final in Oct, but just today I realized I never have to hear his voice again (we text about kids). I never have to see his lumpy grumpy self on the couch pouting. I never have to hear his farting again. I never have to be treated badly again!!!! YAY

Amazonia posted 4/20/2013 21:05 PM

it's great, huh??

newlysingle posted 4/20/2013 21:38 PM

I think about this every night when I'm going to bed. I get the entire bed to myself and I no longer have him snoring and hogging the entire bed.

risingfromashes posted 4/20/2013 21:47 PM

It is like finally breathing again. Joy!!

FaithFool posted 4/20/2013 23:03 PM

Survivor3512 posted 4/20/2013 23:30 PM

That is great!!

SBB posted 4/21/2013 06:55 AM

The lack of tension in mine and my girls day to day life makes this all worthwhile.

Three girls in the house and yet HE was the moody biiiiarrtch. Unbelievable.

I wish I didn't have to learn that lesson the hard way but I sure am glad I did.

newnormal posted 4/21/2013 08:28 AM

My x used to have farting contests at work . I can tease my adult kids now when they accidentally pass stinky gas and say they got that from their Dad.

exhausted lady posted 4/21/2013 13:20 PM

I never have to hear his farting again


I soooo relate to that! Isn't it wonderful when you get rid of them and ALL the toxicity they brought into your life? (including the incessant farting)

permanentpain posted 4/21/2013 14:32 PM

homewrecked2011 posted 4/21/2013 17:27 PM

And the farting was on purpose. Yuck.

I hope she (OW) enjoys that sort of thing, it won't be long b4 he starts it up w her.

It's so nice also making my own decisions --- like sending my children to camp. They are going and he can kiss my ass!!!!

wontdefineme posted 4/23/2013 14:58 PM

Oct for me too and the peace is wonderful.

homewrecked2011 posted 4/24/2013 21:18 PM

Ok,,, XWH sent me an email concerning the dates he wants visitation this summer. I usually click on his emails right away, get all po'd, have to calm down, then respond.

So,,,, I'm trying something different. I haven't even opened it. YAY!! He gets a notification when someone opens his emails, so he knows I haven't opened it.

I will open it on Saturday when I am calm and can look it over. He gets first choice anyway.

I think it got under his skin bc he drove by our *oops* MY house this am.

AHHHH,,, I thank everyone on here who kept saying nc nc nc is the only way to heal....

TrustGone posted 4/25/2013 13:40 PM

I always love coming to new beginnings and hearing how the BS is moving on with their lives. It is so enlightening to us BS's who are still trying to figure out which way to go with the bulls$#t sandwich we have been served.

I well remember the free feeling I had after my D from XWH#1 and the things I didn't miss about him. Especially the fighting and silent treatment. I remember it being scary, but also the most fun I had in years. I did new things that I had always been afraid of before. I took more risks and really enjoyed my new found freedom.

The only thing I regret about my NB after D was that I was also vulnerable to someone like my WH#2. I wished I had waited longer before getting involved with anyone but I thought he was wonderful at the time. It really was the happiest I had ever been. I guess that's why his LTA has been so devastating to me. Hopefully my next NB will be a positive turning point. Thanks for the post!!!

fraeuken posted 4/25/2013 17:16 PM

I play :-)

No more lingering smells that felt toxic after he uses the bathroom and refused to open the window.

No more watching him clean his teeth with a bitten off piece of fingernail.

No more watching him clean his ears with the cap of pen.

No more watching him pick on ingrown hairs.

No more watching him eat with his mouth open.

And, no tension, no raised voices, fun dinners with my girls, finally a functional backyard and deck.

What was I doing all these years?

fraeuken posted 4/25/2013 17:16 PM

Oops, double post, was too excited :-)

[This message edited by fraeuken at 9:34 PM, April 26th (Friday)]

asurvivor posted 4/25/2013 17:38 PM

Cleaning his teeth with a broken off finger nail...what the hell?
Who does that?

miadianna posted 4/25/2013 18:58 PM

No more watching him clean his ears with the cap of pen.
I thought mine was the only one who did this. He would leave bent, icky, waxy pen caps all over the place or wherever he was sitting around watching TV. I never understood what was wrong with a Q-tip.

fraeuken posted 4/26/2013 21:33 PM

Miadianna, I know exactly what you are talking about. Yuck It was either the pen cap or his keys.

Cleaning his teeth with a broken off finger nail...what the hell?
Who does that?

Agreed, he started doing that a few years ago. Made me gag every time.

Forgot to mention not having to deal with non-well maintained toe nails. Had to drag him to the doctor to get his toe nail fungus taken care of and ask him to cut his nails so he would not scratch up my legs in bed.

Also, not smelling his bad breath from not brushing his teeth prior to bed - wonderful.

Probably too much TMI, but I could not resist

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