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OW is so delusional

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sunshine226 posted 4/21/2013 15:26 PM

OW posted a photo on her fb profile (cover photo for the world to see) of my WH and her son last August, I called her and told her to remove it because if my children see it, they will be very upset by it. She didn't. I told WH to tell her remove it, she didn't. Her explanation is that her son heard them talking about it and got upset (he was 9)

Well, in November my daughter saw it and sent this message to OW on FB (by private message)

"I can't fucking believe you would post a photo of MY father with YOUR son on your facebook. I don't even get to see my father anymore at all because you came and fucked it up, you ruined my mom and my life, anytime my father comes in we cant get a moments peace without you calling 24/7, you fucking homewrecker, i hate you" (my daughter is 15)

This was the OW's response:

"hi sweetie, i think you have a misunderstanding what happened between your mother and your father is none of my business sometimes people just dont work out, i'm not trying to take your father from you by no means. Me and my children would love to meet you, our home is always open for you to come out here, there is a room for you here if you want it anytime. The one thing i dont understand is how could you hate me when you havent met me. Your father speaks highly of you, there is actually a beautiful picture of you out here. When your ready to meet me i would love to meet you. Your dad is really amazing and i do love him very much but i know your dad has a very big heart and there is enough love in his heart for all of us, so please never forget how much your dad loves YOU he just works a lot, if you ever need to call out here to talk to your dad your always welcome. Good night"

The picture is still there and my son (hes 22) has seen it too and wanted to send her a msg too but didnt.

My WH told her we were broke up but i have told her were still together and have been together too. But he lied his way out of it.

So sick of this, and she had the nerve to call me pathetic

HelpMe123 posted 4/21/2013 15:39 PM

My WS and OW went to the police station to try to have a PFA put against me for trying to track him via smartphone gps. He has this OW convinced we are not a couple when we are, even having sex less then a week prior to Dday. It's been 11 days only!!!!! I do not get it! How do these women believe these men!

Ashland13 posted 4/21/2013 15:53 PM

OMG, it's the same for me!

OW texted me when STBXH broke it off to return to M.

She made very bold FB pages chuck full of his pictures- and they were pictures I took and were on my computer that he took-this is a huge trigger for me and painful, but you guys-or girls-are not alone in this.

STBXH also created multiple pages on FB and other sites. He put is own real name as married to me and then widower and put her family and his and our daughter and dog who died. It really messed up my mind.

OW put my/our daughter with him on her page, my/our dog, my f'ing house. His birthday party last year, that I made and took the photos and vacations of ours with them and me cut out.

WTF? I asked him several times to get DD the F out of his and he did that I knew of of, but he was extremely angry that I would ask the same of OW. He acted clueless about why she ought to? WTF?

When we got to L stage he actually called my friends who found the pages a liar. Well, they printed it all out. OW even put his full name and dates to boot.

Well, those dates were my birthday week a year ago.

What I don't undestand is that Perv doesn't want our daughter to know all the details-there is a daughter there I call OW Junior that was hers, supposedly that it feels like he replaced our daughter with. There's some really bizarre other stuff to that I am not ready for our daughter to learn of. him being gone is plenty.

I feel sad for Sunshine and others on this particular thread. It is agony to actually see. I finally saw her picture last year and was physically sick. It ruined fb for me completely and makes me feel totally mocked.

Here's a question. Why would he leave my name and writing on his page and then twist it all up with another page? He called our M a "rouse", so maybe that was part of it?

I'm so sorry for the letter the OW wrote here. OW in the case of Perv thinks she's going to save him or fix him, when his personal issues are so damn deep and he won't deal with them honestly, so how can she think she will keep him happy? He's also SA and PA and NPD but she doesn't know it.

I'm so sad that people take the social networks and use them to be hurtful. I also don't go on it because of the amount of kids that are on it-I don't want to be associated with anything that hurts kids like that does, though I know it's the users and not corporation.

Perv also told OW that our M was miserable, but was intimate and interested over fall and winter, so he must have told some whoppers of lies as yours have done as well.

I once was sidled up to by this little pudgy, mustached man who offered me a drink after work one day. He began this story about his son and then moved onto his wife and how awful he is treated. But he can't leave her for all these reasons that didn't make sense. I kicked him in the crotch and politely said "No, thank you" and showed him my wedding ring. This was 19 years ago and makes Perv angry because when he was solicited, he did not honor me the same way. I have such hurt about this loyalty not being recriprocated.

And, it's the oldest pick up line in the book!

Ow told me that was Perv's song and dance, so my two texts to her were to tell her that and to thank her sarcastically for the possiblity of STD's.

sunshine226 posted 4/21/2013 21:18 PM

OW also told me there were more pics on her fb of her and my WH, thankfully I cannot see those, the one of him with her son is hard enough for me, her profile picture is of her and her daughter from daughters high school graduation. One of WH's brothers and his wife have her as a friend on fb and immediately upon finding out, I blocked them from mine and have since told WH that if we do get back together, I want nothing to do with them (they have been very disrespectful of our relationship before this A
happened so it was the last straw for me)

OW has never met our children (A has been ongoing for 19 months now and he's been living with her for over a year now, when OW asked daughter when she as going to come out for a weekend, my daughters reply was "never" (this took place back in January)

so OW never met kids, hasn't met many family or friends, been told the truth by me and my daughter, but believes WH!!!!

Sometimes I wonder if she knows it's all true and just using him for a dad for her son (his bio dad not parr of his life), his money (although she claims to have money herself) and for sex and to drive her around (she lost her license in accident). I've told WH all this but he's so blind to what OW really is and I'm sick of trying to make him see what she really is. Guess it's time he learns the lesson the hard way

sunshine226 posted 4/25/2013 19:19 PM

got more confirmation today as to just how messed up OW is.

A few months ago when i called her, she told me she met WH's neice, along with other "stories" and when i asked WH about meeting neice, he told me she didnt meet her, they were at the food court in the mall and niece saw WH by himself, and just said hello, he left her and OW asked who that was.

Got confirmation today from sil that WH story was right, and she added that niece was happy to see him but when he left her and saw him sit down with a woman and little boy her heart sank

So just more proof to me about all the lies and stretched truths that OW has told me, trying to make me believe she and WH are living happily.

Sucks though cause he is still with her, but I have to wonder if there is some reason he is still there, some threat or guilt. She is a lying manipulative person, according to anyone that has met her and from someone that has known her for YEARS

So WHY cant he see her for the person she is and end it????????

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