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First 15 seconds of his first day on the air.....

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cryingdaily posted 4/22/2013 13:46 PM

I'm thinking MTV will be along with an offer very soon.

Nature_Girl posted 4/22/2013 13:48 PM

Oh my gosh, that was horrible!

nowiknow23 posted 4/22/2013 13:56 PM

That's one way to make a lasting impression.

cryingdaily posted 4/22/2013 14:23 PM

This guy is my new hero.

TrulyReconciled posted 4/22/2013 14:58 PM

Really? No f*cking sh!t???

circe posted 4/22/2013 17:38 PM

He only swore because he's 'used to being from the East Coast'.

Unagie posted 4/22/2013 18:05 PM

I smiled, come one he didn't realize be was on the air lol.

aLadypilot posted 4/22/2013 18:46 PM

*sigh* West Virginia University is no where near the coast! (Well, maybe he lived somewhere else.)

Not sure if I feel sorry for him, or not...

circe posted 4/22/2013 20:00 PM

I feel sorry for him! I don't think he should have gotten fired for that - he could have just apologized sincerely to the audience, sheepishly said it was his first day and he was nervous, and I bet he would have gotten fan mail and applause. I'd respect that.

One of my best college friends was a guy who became a fairly small time news anchor, but jeez his first broadcasts were terrible. His face was bright orange and he looked at the wrong camera and cleared phlegm really disgustingly into the mic. But people seemed to forget pretty quickly. Luckily this was before youtube and huffpo or it might have been a different story.

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