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He sees the OW's child more than his own...

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rumorhasit posted 4/22/2013 17:36 PM

Since he now lives with OW during the week and only sees his kids on Saturdays (DS2 for like an hour and a half, his DD6 spends the night) he spends more time with the OW's daughter who is 13. It makes me sick. And angry for my kids (DD6 will always be special to me, and somehow, mine. We chose each other.) They should not be getting short changed this way. He'd see them more if he just stayed at his (parents) place bcs the kids are not allowed around her. But god forbid he be out of her bed for over 48 hours. His excuse is that he's been working two jobs. I don't buy it, he doesnt get THAT many hours at both. It just makes me sick.

confused615 posted 4/22/2013 20:11 PM

Im sorry..I know that has to be so painful.

Let's see if we can change your perspective a bit...

OW's DD is 13. A teenager. A brand new teenager,with hormones and an attitude. And mom has moved *this guy* into her house. I bet that kid is having a field day at his expense.

sunshine226 posted 4/22/2013 20:42 PM

Same situation here, WH lives with OW and is now a daddy to her 10 yr old son, whose own father has never been a part of sons life, and then there is OW's 19 yr old daughter who also doesnt have much of relationship with her dad (different father) WH and I have 2 children, son is now almost 23 and recently had a child of his own, who WH has yet to see, WH and son have seen each other once in the last 16 months, and no texts or phone calls between them. Our daughter is 15 and hardly sees her dad and has told OW off about it (posted in "OW is delusional") WH has said to me that DD only calls when she wants money whereas i said that is all you are to her now!!!! He couldnt even come out to see her volleyball games in February because of the OW, he said she wanted to go too and he didnt want to bring her but instead of telling the OW NO, my daughter is the one that was dissapointed. An affair doesnt just affect the WH, BS and the OW, the kids are cheated on too, they are abandoned and if the OW has kids, its like they have been replaced too. The OW in my case even has a photo of my WH and her son on her fb which my children have seen and daughter sent her a nasty message about it too

This is so unfair to everyone, especially the children, so much heartache for them too

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