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Prom havoc - vent!

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lost4now posted 4/23/2013 12:55 PM STBXH in his infinite wisdom decided that this past weekend he would introduce my 15 year to his slut face girlfriend! We do not even have our divorce papers filed yet! He has his own apartment and apparently the love birds have been parading around her town as a couple already and now are bringing closer to me and my family. My 18 year had her prom to go to Saturday. My youngest was to spend the night with STBXH. It wasn't his weekend - should have known he was up to something!!! He doesn't just offer to help on a regular basis. Go figure!!!

I got wind thru a mom of one of my daughters friends about the upcoming sleepover introduction party! I called my STBXH and confronted about this Saturday morning. He said our 15 year old asked to meet slut face and he told her it was fine with him, he would bring her to town and SHE had to tell me about what was going on. Of course, my daughter knew how painful that would be and never said anything. She was going to hide it from me I guess. When I confronted her about it she began crying and said she felt guilty and just couldn't bring herself to do it. I explained that I realized that she would eventually meet this woman but her FATHER should have been the one to have the discussion with me. He sent his 15 year old daughter to deliver this heartbreaking news to me!!!!! What a giant asshole. He let her carry around this information and guilt for one week!!!

When I confronted him on the phone I told him this was a conversation for him to have with me. There would be no overnight visits with him as long as slut face was there. He and I are still husband and wife and it is disrespectful to do to me in front of our daughter!!!! 18 year old is getting ready for her prom and she and her sister are fighting, calling each other bitches because the oldest cannot understand for the life of her why her sister would want to meet slut face! Lots of name calling, yelling, crying. I worked so hard to help her get the dress, shoes, makeup, bra, hair done, limo.....and we couldn't even enjoy the day because STBXH decided to pick prom weekend for this crap!!! Only thinking of himself again!!!!!!! What a freakin jackass. My house was torn upside down all weekend long and boiled over into yesterday.

I called my in-laws and told them what their son was doing and that I could not take one more thing from him. I don't care who knows what kind of asshole he really is. I am not putting up with any more hurt from this stupid man.

No more phone calls, he is no longer invited into the house, he is DEAD to me!

ArkLaMiss posted 4/23/2013 13:14 PM

Oh, wow. This is ALL on him, not your daughter. I agree that you should expect him to not parade his gf in front of an impressionable 15 year old girl. Wtf is WRONG with him!

KeepOnMovin posted 4/23/2013 13:16 PM


I'm so sorry. What a fucking jerk! How can they be so freaking obtuse? Seriously, WTF can be going through his mind to think this is even remotely healthy for his kids.

Rational thought becomes impossible for those living in freaking 'Unicorns and rainbows land', i guess. Makes me want to hurl!

lost4now posted 4/23/2013 13:30 PM

He has put me thru 5 years of false R....over and over again experiencing new ddays with the same slut face!!!! No respect for me what so ever in those 5 years. You would think he could show me a tiny morsel of respect until our divorce is final!

I talked to my 15 year old. I explained that I understand that she is curious about this woman. I explained that this woman hurt me ALOT!!! She hurt me, she hurt the kids and destroyed our home. I will NEVER embrace this! I will NEVER be okay with what they have done. She knew your dad was married and had two children....and SHE DIDN'T CARE. She is married has children and she hurt her husband and children and....SHE Didn't CARE!!! She does not care about my daughters well being. She cares about HURTING ME SOME MORE!!!

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