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downward spiral

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authenticnow posted 4/23/2013 17:31 PM

LD had to go out of town. He left today and will be home Saturday.

I ate spaghetti and meatballs out of the can for dinner and I'm watching Jerseylicious.

Send help!

nowiknow23 posted 4/23/2013 17:33 PM

You may be too far gone already!

MovingUpward posted 4/23/2013 17:38 PM

Jerseylicious? OMG, it's too late!!!!

authenticnow posted 4/23/2013 17:39 PM

These people have serious accents! WTF?

Unagie posted 4/23/2013 18:14 PM

Ummm what's jerseyliscious?

Is it like Jersey Shore? If so you're too far gone...

authenticnow posted 4/23/2013 18:16 PM

Yes, it's a reality show about people in Jersey. Jersey Shore but with older people.

jrc1963 posted 4/23/2013 18:32 PM

I'll send you this Jewish Bubbie to feed you....

Sad in AZ posted 4/23/2013 18:57 PM

I'm having cereal...but I'm NOT watching Jerseylicious...

authenticnow posted 4/23/2013 18:59 PM

@ Jrc!!!

Sad, I think I'll have cereal for dessert! Thanks for the idea. What kind of cereal are you eating? I think I have Honey Nut Cheerios, Honey Bunches of Oats, and Capn Crunch in the house.

Clarrissa posted 4/23/2013 19:24 PM

AN, if you're gonna have cereal for dessert then you HAVE to have the Cap'n Crunch.

authenticnow posted 4/23/2013 19:25 PM

True, that stuff is like candy .

Clarrissa posted 4/23/2013 19:28 PM

Used to be able to eat it right out of the box, no milk. Now, not so much. Not into the sweet stuff as much as I used to be. Getting old I guess...

authenticnow posted 4/23/2013 19:30 PM

And it always makes my mouth feel funny and I have to brush my teeth right after I eat it.

Clarrissa posted 4/23/2013 19:33 PM

I think the sweetest cereal I've eaten in the last year is either Golden Grahams or Corn Pops. Inused to grab the sweet stuff first thing at the store. Now it's more likely going to be regular Cheerios, Rice Chex or Life.

jrc1963 posted 4/23/2013 19:36 PM

Our current favorite cereal is Blueberry Frosted Mini Wheats.

Clarrissa posted 4/23/2013 19:39 PM

Ooooh, that sounds good, jrc. Here I just got done with supper and I'm starting to crave some cereal...

Jrazz posted 4/23/2013 19:50 PM

These people have serious accents! WTF?

Nooooo comment...

It's a good thing we're not neighbors.... LD would come home to a bunch of chocolate wrappers and wine bottles if I had anything to say about this!

authenticnow posted 4/23/2013 19:52 PM

Before he left I told him I was just going to sit home and eat chocolate and wait for him to get home.

We just Facetimed!

Nature_Girl posted 4/23/2013 20:01 PM


So, my contribution to your downfall is that you should squirt Hershey's chocolate sauce directly from the container into your mouth. Forget the spoon, it's just one more thing to wash. Think of it as a challenge to get that stuff in your mouth without triggering your gag reflex.

Jrazz posted 4/23/2013 20:06 PM

I love facetime when Crazz is out of town! So much easier than Skype.

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