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Lies, lies, lies!!!

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sunshine226 posted 4/24/2013 08:02 AM

WH has been lying to OW for their entire A, she thinks we were broke up and sleeping in separate beds for 2 years before they met.

But that is all lies, in fact we were good, great in fact.......or so i thought

I told her the truth but he is such a good liar that he was able to convince her i was the one lying

Can someone actually be that stupid?????

And she called me pathetic!!!! If she only knew

IMO, she knows the truth but is using him and taking him for a ride and will through him to the curb when she gets what she wants. Right now, its a daddy for her son, cause his bio dad is LONG gone, and so is her daughters dad (would love to find out who they are and chat with them, lol)

simplydevastated posted 4/24/2013 08:24 AM

I think some people tend to believe the first story they hear. So she will believe your husband first, regardless if it's all lies. She sees it as truth. Plus, if he made you out to be some crazy, stalker wife then she'll definitely believe him.

Sorry you're in this situation.


TrustGone posted 4/24/2013 11:35 AM

OW believed my WH#2 also. She thought he was in love with her and was leaving me. He had also told her we were not having sex, which was a total lie. He even gave her an engagement ring so he could shut her up about us, even though he had no intention of ever marrying her. She fell for it every time. He took the affair underground after DDay#1 which was proof he was lying to her. She left me a note in my jewlery box outing him again, thus DDay#2. I think he is NC as far as I know and I haven't found any proof since last September that he is still seeing her or talking to her, but who knows. She is so stupid she would fall for it again, hopefully he is not that stupid to try it again, but I don't put anything past him anymore.

I actually felt sorry for the OW. She was desperately looking for someone to love her. Like I told her, he cheated on me, he will do the same thing to you. She actually looked at our marriage as him cheating on her with me. I had to laugh at that one. I did not contact her after DDay #2. As far as I was concerned she could have him and I no longer cared what excuses they used to justify the affair. I knew I was a better person than she would ever be and I didn't need her telling me what all he found wrong with me. It was all lies anyway and if she choose to believe him after 3yrs of not leaving me for her (we had no children together) then she was dumber than I thought and deserved what she got and I wasn't wasting my time again trying to make her see that he was just using her to play out his porn fantasies. I don't even want to know what weird things they did together. He did admit that he treated her horribly and she just wouldn't go away.

Don't bet on her tossing him to the side anytime soon. Anyone desperate enough to sleep with a married man is too pathetic to think like a rational person. The fantasy will end, real life will set in, and only then might they see that what they have is not real. Don't waste you time or brain space on the OW. (((HUGS)))

Happydays posted 4/24/2013 12:13 PM

Can someone actually be that stupid?????

In the world of fantasy they hear only what makes the A justified to continue.

HelpMe123 posted 4/24/2013 13:48 PM

My WS told OW we have been split for 3yrs. We had sex less then a week before DDay! We aren't married but have been together 12 yrs and have 1 DS together and 5 teens between us. I haven't spoken to her, not sure I intend to or not. My primary focus is getting out of this house and gaining custody of my son. I know how bad this all hurts so just know you're not alone

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