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Weekly Survivor chat (spoilers)

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authenticnow posted 4/24/2013 20:21 PM

Damn. I really didn't want him to go.

caregiver9000 posted 4/24/2013 20:25 PM

OMG, my 12 year old BOY is stomping around the house wailing and carrying on about this!!

He has wished all remaining survivors to fall into the fire. or drown.

Of course, when I cheerfully suggested that we could stop watching this season now, he cut the whining long enough to grin and say "no, I want to see them all fall into the fire."

sheesh. drama.

authenticnow posted 4/24/2013 20:34 PM

I'm with your 12 year old!

I'll be his pouting partner.

caregiver9000 posted 4/24/2013 20:43 PM


My youngest has lost interest and only asks who is voted off each week. No sooner had the whining ceased and DS9 calls downstairs with the question.

Instant revival. wahhhh. whimper. kick the table.

AND I am somehow to blame because I am a Cochran fan.

Deeply Scared posted 4/25/2013 06:30 AM

So sorry to see him go!!

Lucky2HaveMe posted 4/25/2013 09:37 AM

I loved Malcolm both seasons.

I'm not a huge Cochran fan, but he sure is playing smart this time! The others don't even recognize the threat he is - they are too concerned with the brawn and not the brain.

nutmegkitty posted 4/25/2013 14:51 PM

Team Cochran here. I think he really has a shot at getting to the final tribal council.

I nearly lept out of my chair when he won that challenge!!!
And poor Brenda, I really felt for her when she spend all that money on brains.

Griefstricken25 posted 4/25/2013 15:27 PM

Totally bummed to see Malcolm go. I wanted to smack Andrea for just sitting there and being annoying. If she now goes to that spot and starts digging and finds the idol, I'll scream! I do not like her.

I like Cochran too, so his win was awesome. My favourites, of the ones left, are Cochran, Sherry, and Brenda.

Lucky2HaveMe posted 4/26/2013 09:08 AM

I wanted to smack Andrea for just sitting there and being annoying.

Oh me too! But ya gotta admit, it was a smart move on her part.

dameia posted 4/26/2013 12:15 PM

I'm so bummed out!!

He was the only one I wanted to win. I will settle for Cochran, because he is pretty amusing and he is playing a really good game this season.

If anyone else wins I will be seriously disappointed. Andrea is the only other person who has actually strategized and played the game, but I just don't like her.

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