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WH got a new job! woo hoo

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libertyrocks posted 4/25/2013 13:04 PM

Yay, my EX-serial cheating alcoholic SA WH/new WH (same guy) got a new job. I"m so happy and proud of him. He never thought he could get another job besides bartending. This is defenitly a step in the right direction. Working at that bar was like shooting fish in a barrel for him, plus there's not as much temptation at his new job. So happy, wanted to share.

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SisterMilkshake posted 4/25/2013 13:18 PM

Happy for you both! Woot woot!

confused615 posted 4/25/2013 13:19 PM

libertyrocks posted 4/25/2013 13:22 PM

And, he gets to dress nice with slacks and dress shirts. omg, i'm so going to attack him. lol.

I feel like my dreams are coming true...SLOWLY.

He's changing dramatically. On HIS OWN. :)

Skan posted 4/25/2013 16:55 PM

That's FANTASTIC news!

HUM1021 posted 4/25/2013 22:14 PM

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