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Big Trigger Day for me and going well

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Pudding posted 4/26/2013 10:17 AM

6 years ago today, my FWH had an ONS with M coworker resulting in the conception of OC. this however is the first year I have known the significance of this date, so I have been fretting about it as the day has approached.

Following advice from this forum, I told him at the weekend that I was getting upset and that I wanted him to make today special for me. He has been brilliant. As we woke up, he held me tightly in his arms, told me he loved me, re-apologised for the ONS, TTing etc etc, said that I had nothing to worry about, he wanted to wake up with me every day. He said that he understood how difficult it would be for me today and that every time I thought of it in the day, I was to remember him holding me in his arms and telling me how much he loved me. He has rung me throughout the day to check that I am OK.

You know how sometimes we trigger when we are doing something nice together and it makes us think of what they did together. Now when I think of them together, I am flipping it back to think of the love we have for each other and how we can protect and grow it. It's a new trigger stopper. It's working today. I hope this continues.

This has been great. The best thing is that he is really understanding what I need to make me feel better. We had a little discussion about the whys etc. but today we are focusing on us and he is leading it. It's not me nagging.

Thank you to those who gave me the good advice to spell out what I wanted and then I have just waited for it to happen. It has worked.

JanaGreen posted 4/26/2013 11:34 AM

I'm so glad it's going ok. ((HUGS))

jo2love posted 4/26/2013 12:37 PM


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