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Got to use a great line today!

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PurpleRose posted 4/27/2013 22:55 PM


Met a very nice man today while picking up some moving boxes from a work acquaintance this afternoon. He was cutting his lawn, and watched me loading up my car with all these boxes (about 30 of them!) and came to the fence to see if I needed help.

After watching me some more he said he had a couple 10 year olds he could send out to help - I declined, but thanked him. The boys came outside then, and immediately recognized me (I work in a school). So he said he had to come introduce himself at that point.

He knew who I was because of the Dooosh - guess they knew someone in common- so he asked about "your husband" and said he had heard we had moved, so I had to correct him - soon to be EX husband, and he already moved. He apologized, and said how hard that must be, and I said I was sad, but I couldn't stay married because I didn't like the Dooosh's girlfriend.

The grin on his face was priceless! He said, "Yeah! That would be a pretty big problem!" He thought that my attitude about it all was pretty funny. We talked a bit more, then I said I needed to get going since it was starting to rain.

Anyway, it totally lifted my spirits today and gave me a chuckle. He handed me his business card, pointing out his phone numbers, and said to call if I needed anything.

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tesla posted 4/27/2013 23:10 PM

I love that line! Glad you got to use it.

Zamas posted 4/28/2013 08:09 AM

Hahahahaha I got to use it the other day too. Someone asked me where my WS was and I replied that we were separated bc "I just couldn't get along with his 24 week pregnant girlfriend". Oh the look on his face! I swear that's the best part of all this, being able to say such horrible, earth shattering news in such a nonchalant way.

SBB posted 4/28/2013 08:20 AM

Love it.

Use it.

Love using it.

IMO it illustrates exactly how ridiculous this situation is. Once you get through all the shock, pain muck it really is as simple as "my husband had a girlfriend".

That phrase should be an oxymoron of course.

There IS a moron in there but I can't work out whether the girlfriend is an oxy.


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PurpleRose posted 4/28/2013 09:50 AM

LOL, I think it's one of those "double oxymorons" - a rare example when you are dealing with 2 completely moronic people/situations.

little turtle posted 4/28/2013 15:51 PM

I'm bummed. I just realized I haven't gotten to use that line in a really long time!!!! It's one of my favorites as well. I used it quite often when I was meeting people and dating.

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