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Kids and falls...

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DragnHeart posted 4/29/2013 06:44 AM

My little man took a fall at my parents place yesterday. Down four steps. One nice bruise/bump above his eye and a scrape type mark on his upper cheek beside his eye. Looks awful! He never lost consciousness, screamed bloody murder. Put up one heck of a fight when we put on a cold compress. My youngest brother freaked out. Wh was amazing. Took DS into his arms, cuddled him and talked to him. Dd freaked out too. Thought her brother was dead. What a night!!! And just before dinner dd had banged her head off of the metal arm rest of my parents deck swing...

DS settled after a few minutes and asked to go outside and play with his car. He was up giving his sister hugs and wanting to play not long afterwards. When we got home he sat on the sofa for a short time before falling asleep. We kept him with us downstairs. He got up a of couple times because he dropped his bottle.
I was up throughout the night checking on him.

I have been to car accidents and seen some "stuff" while on the first response team at university but one of my kids gets hurt and it takes everything to stay calm. It makes me want to wrap them up in bubble wrap

Waiting4Daylite posted 4/29/2013 06:50 AM

My youngest is 17 and a klutz. I am always threatening to wrap her in bubble wrap.

Unfortunately, she likes the idea because she could spend the day popping the bubbles and driving me crazy.

DragnHeart posted 4/29/2013 07:12 AM

Both of mine are horrible for falling all the time. Dd ran into the house from the deck, slipped and landed on her butt before hitting her head on the swing.

My parents house has five sets
of stairs. Dd always wants to play on them. He fell going up the stairs here (new house) and wouldn't go near them for a few days, we had to carry him (baby gate was at the top and there's a door at the bottom but I didn't shut it tight).

We had told him to stay away from the stairs yesterday. I went down to the washroom and just as I shut the door I heard the thud. One of those moments when no one was watching him. He was wearing his Lightening McQueen hat which I think helped stop the edging of the stairs from breaking skin. Funny thing is once he was up and going again he headed straight for the stairs again because he wanted to go outside and we usually use the garage door which is just at the bottom of those stairs.

Ya you're right, bubble wrap might not be the bet idea. Hmmmm. Bike helmet and hocky gear instead???

Waiting4Daylite posted 4/29/2013 07:20 AM

Bike helmet and hocky gear instead???

Heck ya! And keep it around for a few years. My two are 21 and 17, I have knee braces, wrist braces, arm slings, crutches (2 sets), and a shitload of assorted sizes of bandaids.

DragnHeart posted 4/29/2013 07:30 AM

It makes me think we really put my parents through hell when we we're kids! All the times we had to go to the hospital...

One brother got ahold of a pair of garden shears. Other brother nearly lost his thumb...

I took dog for a walk, tied his leash to my bike handles...that ended in disaster (for me, dog was fine!).

Little brother tried to open door for cat. Wind blew door shut, shutting on cats tail. Cat imbedded her claws into my brothers leg.

I tried to save a mouse from our cat. Mouse bit me. I had to get shots...

I was in my room when I heard youngest brother say to older one "ewwww it's bleeding" and the response "it's not that bad". Found them in the bathroom, brother one bleeding from his face. He tried to open his piggy bank with a knife and it slipped...

I should take out stocks in Bandaid brand If not for the kids than for wh. I have my own set of I'm good there lol.

tushnurse posted 4/29/2013 08:08 AM


You what a sign of an active healthy kid is? Scratches and bruises. Seriously.

I was really worried one time I had to take my son in for an appointment w/ his Dr, and he was bruised head to toe had a rasberry on his forhead from a spill on concrete. It was spring, he was spending as much time outside as possible.

My Pediatrician laughed and said, I wish I saw more kids like this. Too many parents want to protect them from everything. Kids need to get hurt, have falls. This helps them to understand that they won't die when they get hurt, and understand limits of what is safe and what is not.

She was so right. My son never freaked out about anything. Unless you count the tantrum that he threw when he busted his chin open. The fit had to do with me making him leave the playground to get stiches, not that he was hurt. LOL.

It's important to remember they will heal, and minor injuries are not a big deal.

(((and strength))))

DragnHeart posted 4/29/2013 08:19 AM

So true! When I was a kid we were never inside. Always outside playing and always getting hurt lol

DS is up, ate breakfast and already has his Cars sweater on ready to go outside. He rubbed his eye and cried a bit. The bruise above his eye doesn't look as bad but the mark beside his eye is nasty.

I was always scared taking the kids to the doctor covered I bruises. I didn't want them thinking we beat the kids. I guess they understand kids get hurt.

Amazonia posted 4/29/2013 08:19 AM

The worst fall I remember growing up was when my brother and I stacked two of those collapsible tray tables (the kind we used to put in front of the couch for Sunday night dinner and a movie) on top of each other on top of a counter. My brother climbed on top of the whole pile. And then fell.

He bit the tip off his tongue when he hit the floor. And man can the tongue bleed a lot.

DragnHeart posted 4/29/2013 08:29 AM

Amazonia. Wow. That's a huge fall. Were you guys trying to get to the cookie cupboard? I used to climb the cupboards like a monkey to find the cookies lol

DS fell on his fce once. His tooth cut his lip. Oh the blood. And he was not going to sit still for me.

He has a black eye. Poor kid. Could be worse.

Weatherly posted 4/29/2013 08:42 AM

Yesterday, my oldest was swimming with his eyes closed, underwater, smashed his face into the side of the pool. They ended up shutting down the pool because of the nose bleed.

See the line on his nose? Earlier his brother was playing on a playground and got road rash on his forehead. I am not sure that I would recognize my children without some sort of bruise, bump, or scab.

[This message edited by Weatherly at 8:42 AM, April 29th (Monday)]

DragnHeart posted 4/29/2013 08:59 AM

Ouch! He looks pretty good. Noses bleed well too.

Wh had taken both kids to the playground while I was in town shopping. We have a big green wagon with a trailer so he packed up the kids and cooler bag and walked. No incidents there. Dd then wanted to walk to my parents place and I saw them just as I came back. They played outside for a bit, falling now and then because my dad was chasing them all around. The kids seem to have no fear at all.

Web DS fell my other brother asked if I wanted to take him to the hospital. I said no but part of me wondered if I should. I think if he had been knocked out I would have. When dd hit her head she started to hold her breath. We used to panic when she passed out but it happened so often with her (either from getting hurt or just upset) that it was "normal".

Sad in AZ posted 4/29/2013 09:33 AM

When my DS was 4, he fell down a flight of stairs right in front of me. Talk about terrifying...but he was fine--no visible bumps, bruises or cuts either. Cried a lot, and the X had to promise him 'big balls' (which is another traumatic story... )

The worst part of the fall? To this day (he's 28) he tells people I pushed him down the stairs!

DragnHeart posted 4/29/2013 10:11 AM

The worst part of the fall? To this day (he's 28) he tells people I pushed him down the stairs!

This sounds like my dd. saw her bump her head. When she saw me she started crying saying DS hit her.

wonderingbull posted 4/29/2013 15:27 PM

I grew up in a large family... 9 of us kids (now all adults).... The bumps, cuts, bruises, stitches were non stop...

The four younger ones (I'm number 7) were always into stuff as a group...

We were playing in the garage one day... Rainy so we had the door open... We had the attic above us open with the fold down stairs and were up there too...

My little sister was standing on the sheetrock (ceiling of garage)... I watched her disappear through and heard her crash below... I bound down the stairs and she's laying in disbelief on top of a styrofoam ice chest she'd landed on and crushed....

We laughed our asses off until mom came out and saw the hole in the ceiling... She just smiled and said... Be more careful!....

My sister is now 51 y.o. and we still laugh at that....


DragnHeart posted 4/30/2013 17:18 PM

Add a split lip to DS's injuries this week. I wanted to keep an eye on the kids while I hung up my laundry

Neighbour said we could use their had a ball on the slide. Then...DS hit his face. Not sure if dd got him with her boot as she was climbing (him behind her) but in any case she slid down the slide came around and began to scream that he was bleeding. I swear she got more upset than he did.

Heck he didn't even stop long enough for me to get a cloth to stop the bleeding. He kept going up and down the slide!

h0peless posted 4/30/2013 17:53 PM

The worst part of the fall? To this day (he's 28) he tells people I pushed him down the stairs!

Your son sounds like my little brother. He rolled his car when he was 18 (seriously, what sort of 18 year old needs a Toyota Supra? He bought it with his own money...) and told the EMTs that he did it because he has fetal alcohol syndrome. Our poor Mom didn't even drink caffeine when she was pregnant.

MissesJai posted 4/30/2013 18:07 PM

DS 18 is a total klutz. I joke that he would fall from just standing still.

UnexpectedSong posted 4/30/2013 20:50 PM

If they're not bleeding, I go right back to web surfing. If they're bleeding, I clean up the blood so it doesn't get all over everything.

DragnHeart posted 5/1/2013 16:15 PM

I swear DS is an accident waiting to happen.

Climbed into his green wagon. Fell out the back of it...

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