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Decision after first get-together??

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Must Survive posted 4/29/2013 10:34 AM

I realize it has been 21 years since I have dated, but have things changed that much? I have gone on a total of 4 quick meets with 4 different men. The first 2 it was easy, not a match, nor friend material at all. So no problem, when asked out a second time I mentioned we were not a match.

This past week I went out with 2 different guys. Both were outdoor, biking type activities, no cost, basically just doing something that was fun and easier to get to know someone. I had enjoyed myself. One guy txted me the next day, said how nice I looked and what did I think of him? Really, I talked to him for 2 hours. Soooo I wouldn't mind seeing him again. I txted back that I had fun and he was easy to talk to. I have heard nothing back. OK, no worries.

The second guy did seem to compliment me a lot. I guess I am not used to that. He txted me at least 7 times yesterday. Good morning, what was I up to, what he was doing. Ready to set up another bike ride. It felt fast to me. Again, I enjoyed myself and could see getting together again, and see what happens. But really its not like I have to have a companion or partner yet (or ever again). Is every body rushing to Partner up quickly?

On my profile, I put long term dating, short term dating, relationship. I have not put activity partners, I am afraid that is "code" for sex.

notmeanymore posted 4/29/2013 11:06 AM

Did you reply back every time he texted? If it seems like too much too fast, perhaps not responding to every text, or not responding immediately may help him curb his ethusiasm some? Clearly he liked you and is excited about it. I wouldn't read much more into it than that at this point until you get to know him better.

Are you on OKC? I never assume activity partners means anything since casual sex is an optional choice. And I find a lot of people are very upfront about that.

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