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Is this normal?

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Chefj9 posted 4/29/2013 16:57 PM

Some days I feel so hopeful WH is doing everything I ask and working so hard. I'll go a day or two and feel optimistic, loved, and I feel like my best friend is back. The next day, I'll trigger and every bit of doubt returns. The mind movies come back and my mood spirals downward. I get angry and start to shut down.

Last Thursday was horrid. The bunny boiler reared her ugly head, stressed everyone out completely. My husband has a condition called cataplexy. He literally goes rigid, catatonic etc. this latest episode with the OW has pushed him into a 3 day episode. So much so that he's cancelled all work travel and Docs are changing his meds. He can't drive or travel for at least 7 days.

Today is our wedding anniversary. There will be no celebrating. I just feel sad. Now I get to go home and take care of him when he's supposed to be taking care of me.

Hurt2Deeply posted 4/29/2013 17:40 PM

I am so sorry you have been hurt this way. Additionally it must be awful to have to take care of him when you are hurting so badly. I hope you can get some relief soon.


Skan posted 4/29/2013 18:50 PM

Gods below, I am so sorry. Have you looked at pursuing an RO with this bitch? Given your WHs medical condition and reaction, I would hope that the court system would come through for you.

Yeah, it blows that at a time when he should be catering to your every want and need, you have to take care of him because of HIS actions. I'm so sorry.

Stangfreak posted 4/29/2013 19:23 PM

((((((((((Chef)))))))))). So sorry dearie. Hope everything gets stable for you. I hear counseling can work wonders.

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