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hurtingarmywife posted 4/30/2013 20:25 PM

It has been 3 months since D-day. It has been rough, but my WS is doing all the right things to make our marriage work. The A lasted 5 months. I am now discovering all the money that was spent on OW. He has been very honest giving all the information concerning our finances. It just makes me so mad so much money went to her to pay bills, etc. Not only the emotional pain is devestating, but also learning our money went to her. Sometimes, I wonder when this pain will end.

sunshine226 posted 4/30/2013 22:39 PM

I know how you feel, my WH would get upset when i would "waste" money, but it was perfectly ok for him to spend it on OW, even though most of the money in the account was from him working.

But at least when he would see what i spent, it was for his family, our home, etc

WH is very tight with money, or at least he used to be, he is in such a fog with OW, he will one day look back on all of the money he spent on her and regret it.

Hang in there

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