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Tracking Systems?

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WeepingBuddhist posted 5/1/2013 10:07 AM

Does anyone have recommendations for a GPS tracker? Something I can put in a small box or something and leave in the trunk of WS's car?

OneFootForward posted 5/1/2013 10:56 AM

A burner smartphone with a GPS would do it. Pay for the tracking feature thru a 3rd party software vendor. Install the vendor and track where the phone goes.

You could also do this to anyones phone. You just need to be able to install the software. It gives you access to everything. Some of them has a one time cost and some are subscription based.

WeepingBuddhist posted 5/1/2013 11:25 AM

do you have any specific brands? I'm not much of a tech person, as many specifics as possible would be most welcome.

OneFootForward posted 5/1/2013 13:22 PM

Ok, lets get specific because I am a tech guy. Are you looking for a GPS stand alone, a burner phone to use as a host + monitoring software or just the software?

Also, I do not want to break any rules on the forums for giving out names of software vendors, phone manufacturers, etc. If that is a no-on, let me know and I will PM you. If it is not a no-no I will post something here.

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