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bs almost left over text failed send

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Strawda posted 5/3/2013 15:06 PM

:'( BS almost left me cuss of a tex i sent. Tex sed lol. Trigger hit. Wtf she sed. Who you talking to. I wasnt talking to anyone exsept my BS. What happind was a tex about me talking about beimg onlyone at work for 2hrs and i sed lil in that tex when i ment to sey lol. Cuss was funny i only one for 2hours. I didnt know that tex faild to send. So i sed lol right after it. So all she got was lol. Not why i lafd. She almost left me thinking i was talking to others. She asked to see my cell phone. Luckly it proved i wasnt and that she didnt get my tex befor it. An i gess she saw other tex that faild to send when she thought i was qiet. Im glad i could prove it. Cuss i love my BS so mutch. An glad still around. So is good i dont deleat tex.

authenticnow posted 5/3/2013 15:09 PM

Her spidey senses are in overdrive. Every time she checks and sees nothing you are getting the benefit of her learning that you are telling the truth. Eventually, that rebuilds trust.

I'm glad you didn't delete anything. Don't do that---EVER! (just kidding, at least not for a very long time)

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