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No energy?

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DragnHeart posted 5/4/2013 09:07 AM

It's beautiful outside. I should be hanging laundry and doing a 1000 other things but I feel so exhausted that I just want to crawl into bed. Of course the kids won't allow that

I'm not even dressed yet. (still in pj's not naked hahaha).

I'm not sure if I should make a doctors appointment or not. I'm stressed and the kids keep getting up at night so I'm not getting a full nights rest.

Usually at this time of year I explode with energy. I have had low iron levels in the past so I don't know if that might be contributing to it.

Is there such thing as the "spring blues"?

nowiknow23 posted 5/4/2013 09:23 AM

DragnHeart - you have been under incredible stress for a very long time. I think it's natural that you'd hit a low after all you've been through.

By all means, schedule the doctor's appointment. Prioritize yourself. ((((DH)))))

sadtoo posted 5/4/2013 09:59 AM

Did you stay up too late catching up on the JA trial?

DragnHeart posted 5/4/2013 11:16 AM

Is it normal for emotional stress to drain ones body? Had an emotional stressing day yesterday after finding out the in laws still have their phones working, our bill over $1200 and all of us about to be cut off...spent HOURS on the phone trying to get info on why they still have ther phones on our plan and why the bill is so high. That was a pain!!! I got it sorted out but damn these people are driving me crazy and I don't even live with them anymore!

I finally got dressed. Took the dry clothes off the line & folded, put wet ones on and have another load washing. Yay! Watching the kids play outside now.

Did you stay up too late catching up on the JA trial?

No lol. I dont have TV. Wh worked until ten (so would get home around 11). I put the kids to bed, made wh dinner then put on second season of Third Watch. Watched two episodes then wh got home. We ate and went to bed.
Dd got up at 4am and instead of coming into our bedroom, just screamed from her bed that she was hungry, waking DS in the process... I didn't get back to sleep after that.

jrc1963 posted 5/4/2013 11:21 AM

Yes, it's very normal for emotional stress to drain the body.

You've been operating in crisis mode for several weeks now... with the sudden change in residence and all the In-Law drama and stress.

You're body was probably running on pure adrenaline. Now that things are reverting to a more "normal" state, your body is saying... 'OK DH, time to decompress, refocus, refuel and recharge"

You can't do that without taking some down time.

I think you should give yourself a break and put off an of the 1000 little things that aren't 100 percent necessary... and just give your body and mind time to recharge.

DragnHeart posted 5/4/2013 11:31 AM

I know you're right. It's been very crazy. Now that things are starting to be "normal" i feel like I could just crash.

Because the in laws place is flea infested I washed the basics for us to use before coming here. Everything else got double bagged and left out on the back deck here. Now that I have a washer I have been trying to get the bagged stuff done. Anything that was stored downstairs or in the back of the closet was moldy too. Ugh!

I don't have a dryer yet so I can only put so much on the line at a time. My parents are close so I can at least dry small stuff at their house. I just haven't had the energy to go over there and wh has been crashing when he gets home from work do he's in no mood to watch the kids.

He is stressing big time. Very upset but not talking much. I'm sure it's his parents attitude that's doing it.

ladies_first posted 5/4/2013 11:37 AM

It's beautiful outside.

Quickly splash some refreshing water on your face and then head outside for a 10-minute spring walk.

C'mon. You know the Nike ad:
Just do it!

DragnHeart posted 5/4/2013 12:05 PM

Lol. Been chasing the kids around outside. Already totally pooped but Weston them out so perhaps they will grace me with a nap lol. (so I can sneak one too).

Once wh gets home I have to head into town for some quick shopping and get gas. That will be my quiet time or my time to blast the radio and enjoy some tunes lol.

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