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On line dating

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GreatRoleModel posted 5/4/2013 22:38 PM

Need some advice from the experience of NB. Which OLD site is the most grounded and doesn't attract the people looking for just flings?
Thanks for your assistance.

MyVoice posted 5/5/2013 01:40 AM

Really seems to depend on your city/area I know 'plenty of fish' and 'match' attract a lot of creepy types in my area but on here they are often spoken of well.

I found rsvp best for me as a rule, sites you pay for attract a more serious crowd serious about meeting someone that is :)

How you write your profile has a huge impact on who you attract as well so get a lot of friends to help you and maybe even a few of us on here to check it out before you start.

Good luck it's scary but a huge amount of fun, as long as you are strong, happy and centred.You need to be prepared for knock backs and let downs, it can be emotionally draining and mentally exhausting ! But hey it works for a lot of people, it's a game don't expect to jump on and everything fall into place in a few days, give yourself time to learn how to play, be patient

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Oh the Irony posted 5/5/2013 09:55 AM

I like OKCupid. The questions and matching make it easy to see if you really have anything in common. For me, being on the same page politically is VERY important. OKC makes it obvious.

Also, I have enjoyed meeting everyone I met off of there. It's small in my area, but I liked everyone I met. Friends with three of them and dating one.

POF was HORRIBLE. People obviously not reading profile. Inquiries for sex. And the men that I actually screened and wanted to go out with, mysteriously disappeared when it came time to meet. Like three of them did that!! The one guy I did meet to go motorcycle riding with announced when he bought my water that it wasn't "a date".

I haven't done match recently.

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