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When will people learn? alcohol and "anything" don't mix!!!

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DragnHeart posted 5/6/2013 22:45 PM

We share this house we rent with a young couple. They have a small child. So far no issues. One loud party the other night but really whatever they used to split the sections is great at keeping out the noise. I was up half the night anyways and watching a movie so when I would go out for a smoke I would notice the music.

I don't have a problem with alcohol or people drinking it however...alcohol and FIRE do not mix!!!!! Tonight is bonfire night and I love bonfires but damn! Do not start one of you're going to be sucking back beer all night! At least not without calling the fire department first... Had to bring in my clothes from the line because genius next door and his friends decided to put a full entertainment unit on the fire and it lit up like crazy. Sparks shot up towards my clothes ahhhhhhhh.

They had to get a couple buckets
Of water to tone down the blaze... And even then the flames were huge.

Ok still are. I just looked. The hallway is lit up so bright it's like having a light on.

Hmmmmm I was going to go to bed. Think I'll stay up and keep an eye on fire

stilllovinghim posted 5/6/2013 23:41 PM

Go ahead and call the fire dept. I would. With a small child around I especially would. Them burning an entertainment center is so stupid on countless levels including but not limited to releasing harmful toxins that YOU and that child will breath in along with anyone else within range.

Fire can get out of hand fast and if their thinking is already slowed by alcohol, do you really think their reaction time will be quick? Obviously their judgment has gone out the window. Please don't let this behavior continue. Its immature, wasteful, stupid, selfish with a complete lack of regard to anyone else's safety and personal belongings and above all else dangerous!

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DragnHeart posted 5/7/2013 03:46 AM

I stayed up for about an hour checking on the fire now and then. They weren't falling down drunk from what I could see but they were all "happy". What I don't think they realized was that the fire being as big as it was, could do damage just from the heat radiating off it. They just got a plastic play house for their kid which could have melted. The entertainment unit didn't fit IN the fire put either so the fire could have gotten out of hand fast.

4:45am now. Wh is getting ready for work. Fire is out. Everyone gone.

At least now I know not to leave my clothes on te line overnight...

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