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apple butter

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hexed posted 5/7/2013 22:20 PM

The first concrete evidence of the A was finding a jar of ho-made apple butter under the passenger seat of my car. When I saw this on FB - couldn't stop chuckling

[image] [/image]

nevermind. I can't get the image up *sigh*

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h0peless posted 5/7/2013 22:41 PM

There ya go! The text inside of the brackets is supposed to be {img}{/img} (obviously using the correct brackets.)

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MyVoice posted 5/7/2013 22:53 PM

hexed posted 5/8/2013 00:17 AM

Thanks H!

I used to refer the OW as the apple butter betty but I felt like that was insulting to women named Betty

foreverempty posted 5/8/2013 01:00 AM

LOL very good :)

gma56 posted 5/8/2013 02:57 AM

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