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Pass posted 5/8/2013 16:10 PM

I've been wanting to buy a tenor banjo for quite some time, but haven't wanted to spend the money. I was puttering around my apartment yesterday when I saw some things that could help.

My dad used to collect coins, but has recently started distributing them to us. Every once in a while, he likes to remind me of how much I could get for the coins he gave me. He always says that they belong to me now, and it is up to me what to do with them.

So I put the coins into a backpack, grabbed one more item of value, then hopped a bus to a nearby coin shop. When I arrived at the shop, I asked them what they would give me for the coins.

The response: $650


Then I pulled the other item out of my pocket. "And how much for my wedding ring?"

They offered me an additional $55.


I hopped the next bus to my favourite music store and ordered a tenor banjo. I should have it in a week or so.

There was money left over, so I bought myself a few rye-and-gingers at a nearby bar.

After a few drinks, I still didn't regret doing it, but I started to feel sad. It was probably just sadness at this symbolic end of my marriage, but it really did hurt.

Now that I'm not drunk, I'm feeling a little better. Need to start enjoying the new beginning, and stop worrying about the ending.

Haven't told STBX wife about it. Although the mean part of me would like to, I really can't find any good reason to do it, other than making her sad.

Anyone else have stories about how they got rid of their ring?

damncutekitty posted 5/8/2013 16:16 PM

My wedding band sat in my jewlery box for almost a decade. Last summer I finally sold it along with some other stuff my XH gave me. I used the cash to take my SO out for dinner and get our photos taken professionally. It was so fun. NO REGRETS!

h0peless posted 5/8/2013 16:20 PM

Mine was Tungsten Carbide. I bought it because it was cheap and I wanted to save money to get something nice for her. The cool thing about Tungsten Carbide is that although it is really hard, it's also really brittle. One day when I was over at my Aunt and Uncles' house, I put it in my Uncle's vise and shattered it.

Crescita posted 5/8/2013 16:27 PM

Mine sat around for a year until I finally got around to selling it. The proceeds fittingly went towards paying down divorce debt.

gma56 posted 5/8/2013 16:57 PM

Sold desire to keep it since the meaning wasn't the same for both of us.
I also sold all jewelry he gave me over the years. Again no meaning and didn't want the memories.

Amazonia posted 5/8/2013 17:15 PM

Sold mine and paid for my first semester going back to school.

hexed posted 5/8/2013 17:18 PM

sold mine to pay for my move to new state to put an end to the LDR in my relationship.

Williesmom posted 5/8/2013 19:52 PM

Traded mine in at a jewelry store for a killer pair of diamond studs and a right hand ring.

The diamond studs at so obscenely huge that people always ask me if they're real. They make me smile....

nowiknow23 posted 5/8/2013 21:09 PM

Sold mine and paid the divorce filing fees with the proceeds.

peacelovetea posted 5/8/2013 21:50 PM

Am I the only one who kept mine? I am keeping it for my daughters, who may want it someday...

persevere posted 5/9/2013 00:23 AM

This post is reminding me that I need to sell mine! And the comic book collection he left!

tabitha95 posted 5/9/2013 00:41 AM

I hadn't worn it for so long that when I moved out, I left it in the safe. It's EX's now. It's only a gold band, with a filigre design, so there is gold, but not a lot. It only cost under $400 originally anyway.

That's the thing...I didn't require much to make me happy. I loved my cheap ring. MOW on the other hand bought $200 jeans. We were so opposite.

Grace and Flowers posted 5/9/2013 01:29 AM

I took a pair of needle nosed pliers to my band and twisted it and broke it up into tiny pieces. Then threw them at him. He tells me he keeps the pieces, along with his band, in his nightstand, because they "mean something to him".

I haven't decided what to do with my's just a solitaire ring. It's the only diamond I've ever owned. And I know I'll never get married again. It's such a pretty stone...but now I hate it. I suppose I'll get around to selling it....

foreverempty posted 5/9/2013 02:19 AM

I lost mine in the woods at the bottom of my garden a few years ago when we were having a BBQ. Shame as I could do with the cash and would definitely have used it to pay towards the divorce. It was a hefty piece if platinum!!!

gahurts posted 5/9/2013 05:00 AM

XWW stole mine when she took her things and moved out. I found out a couple of weeks later when I went to sell it.

WarehouseGuy posted 5/9/2013 06:12 AM

I threw mine and hers in the lake at the home we had planned to retire to up north. I don't regret it at all.


wildbananas posted 5/9/2013 22:08 PM

I don't even know where mine is. The stone (which was pretty small) fell out during the first A (six years before we S for the last time). After that, I took it off and he never fixed it or replaced it. He said I didn't need any sort of ring. (Sidebar: When we were in R the last time, he said to pick out any ring I wanted. After much debate, I did... it was a huge step for me. And then he got mad because I didn't want the old one back and refused to get me a new one. )

If I ever find it, I'll sell it for the gold and go get a pedi or something.

[This message edited by wildbananas at 10:10 PM, May 9th (Thursday)]

Survivor3512 posted 5/9/2013 22:48 PM

Congrats on the banjo!

My wedding and engagement rings were stolen during a home breakin about a month after D was final. So, I didn't have to think about what to do with them!

ISPIFFD posted 5/10/2013 12:32 PM

I still have both white gold bands in my jewelry box - the original from 1983 and a new one ExWH bought me during our False R because I'd lost soooo much weight on the infidelity diet

I also still have the diamond ring. It wasn't from ExWH to me for an engagement reason, it was his mother's engagement ring from his late father that she gave me when I married her precious son. So I'm not sure what to do with it, although I think I will offer the option to our son to have it reset into a ring of his choice if he meets someone he wants to marry (and has any interest in that diamond vs. buying one on his own). Until then, the diamond ring lives in my safe deposit box.

soulsearcher4 posted 5/10/2013 16:26 PM

I'm sure this feeling will competely pass once you have the banjo in hand. That sounds like a fun instrument!

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