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Amazonia posted 5/9/2013 11:53 AM

I know that many here struggle with depression. One of my favorite web comic artists came out of an eighteen month hiatus today, an unannounced hiatus due to depression. She wrote a really beautiful piece on it if anyone would like to read.

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Newlease posted 5/9/2013 13:25 PM

OMG! This is my favorite blogger (well, really the ONLY one I read). I just love her writing and creativity. But I stopped checking her site, because it had been SO LONG since she had written anything.

I completely understand her depression. In my world, I experienced it as a wall of glass between me and everything/everyone else. I could see things and people, but I couldn't connect.

I'm so glad she is getting some help. I understand being afraid to medicate because it might somehow steal your creativity, but it's better than not being able to function at all.

Thanks so much for sharing!


notmeanymore posted 5/9/2013 14:28 PM

I had just read that today.


GREAT idea to post it!

Amazonia posted 5/10/2013 08:57 AM

She's seriously one of my heroes.

Kajem posted 5/10/2013 09:04 AM

I love her too. I also stopped reading.. and got the alert she had posted the other day her pre post. When I read her post yesterday - I had tears.

I am so glad she is back to posting.

stretch13 posted 5/10/2013 14:14 PM

my bf sent me this on fb yesterday. it's so weird to see someone think the exact same weirdest thoughts ever that i've struggled with so many times. i'm still processing how eerily she captured my (our) experience...and that of my bf' someone expressed myself for me.

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