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So today I sexually harassed my new boss...

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hurtbs posted 5/9/2013 22:42 PM

Sent my new boss a text message. Accidentally put a "kiss" emoticon at the end. It's on my "most used" characters because I send it to my boyfriend. I immediately followed up with an "oh my goodness. I am so sorry. that was a typo!" text.

He laughed it off, but hell, what a way to start a new job!

okaynow posted 5/9/2013 23:20 PM

wannabenormal posted 5/10/2013 00:38 AM

You are well on your way to raise-ville, holla!!! WTG!

Ha ha! I would die!

I remember a gal at work was on the phone with a customer and ended the call with, "love ya so & so!"

I was like did you really just say that?! She was like I wasn't totally sure until you just asked!

metamorphisis posted 5/10/2013 07:40 AM

Oh no!! Too funny!
Cell phone emoticons are dangerous things. My smiley emoticon is directly beside my "WTF? face" emoticon and I send the wrong one all the time, which completely changes the context of what I am saying. You know someone texts you that they got a new car or something and it can look like this "Wonderful! "

OR this..
"Wonderful! "

Then I have to back peddle.

authenticnow posted 5/10/2013 14:55 PM

That is hilarious.

gahurts posted 5/10/2013 15:20 PM

OK but I got you beat. GF and I often send kissy emoticons and hugs to each other via text.

One morning I was busy and put a couple of kisses and a heart in a text and hit send. Then I noticed that it went to XWW

Talk about an oh shit! moment.

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ajsmom posted 5/10/2013 15:21 PM

Well, that's a fine "How do you do?"


circe posted 5/10/2013 18:09 PM

Oh I totally feel your pain! I accidentally said "I love you" as I was getting off the phone with my boss once on a business call. I was horrified. I said it as I was in the process of hanging up (in the days that I had a flip phone and would shut it with my hand) and so I couldn't even apologize and explain until I called back. So embarrassing. DH spit coke out his nose when I told him.

eta, just to clarify that it popped out automatically as it would when I hang up with DH or my children or my family. It wasn't a secret message or anything.

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idiot85 posted 5/11/2013 08:53 AM

I read this late last night- had a chuckle then today called my wife 'Mum'- I'd just been on the phone with my Mum, I don't think it was a Freudian slip!! Ha but then- just now I texted a client from work "great, see you Monday xxx" I didn't notice until he replied "no probs babe xxx lol- gotta love predictive texts".

If anyone comes looking for me- I'm just burying myself in the garden.

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Gottagetthrough posted 5/11/2013 09:43 AM

oops! I thought you said YOU were harassed... I was expecting a different post.

glad it was just a mixup!!

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