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Fun Social?

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AllOfTheLights posted 5/10/2013 06:10 AM

What website is this? I just sneaked on my BF's phone and checked his history. I want to leave but I'm trying to gather evidence. I seen 'fun social' website, looks like profiles but I couldn't look properly.
What should I do to gather more evidence to confront?

tushnurse posted 5/10/2013 08:12 AM

I can't check it out since I am on my work computer at the moment, but is certainly sounds like another type of AFF site.

I would say if you can handle it, to get on there, and see if you can find a profile that would be your H. Then you would have overwhelming proof.

AllOfTheLights posted 5/10/2013 09:25 AM

Yeah I intend too! I have to wait til he goes to sleep or in the shower......his history just says 'FUN SOCIAL' and when I clicked on one page it was a girls profile. I need to remember his email password dammit :/

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