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Happy Mother's Day to my D/S mom friends.

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tryingagain74 posted 5/10/2013 11:03 AM

You have been an ongoing source of support throughout my entire ordeal, and I am grateful for your advice, especially when it comes to helping me with my kids. I hope that you have a wonderful, stress-free weekend with your families.

Lola2kids posted 5/10/2013 14:28 PM

thank you trying...and to you as well.

I just got back from a Mother's Day concert at my twin DD's school.
It took all I had not to burst into tears.
They didn't tell me anything about it. One of my DD's played a piece on the piano.
Their class sang "Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion.

Let me tell you my mother's day has already been made.
I am beaming with pride for my DD's accomplishments.

All I want on Sunday is to relax with them.

Happy Mother's Day SI!!

For the moms and the Mr. Moms as well.

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solus sto posted 5/10/2013 15:45 PM

(((tryingagain))) Happy Mother's Day to you, too.

tesla posted 5/10/2013 17:01 PM

Thanks Trying! I don't have Teslet this weekend, but he made me the most adorable picture at school and he sang me a happy mother's day song I was so proud and happy, I about burst into tears.

numbandnauseous posted 5/10/2013 17:13 PM

Your posts are so sweet, I am tearing up.

Happy Mother's Day to all you awesome mamas out there! Peace and love to you this weekend.

newlysingle posted 5/10/2013 17:38 PM

I'm so grateful for everyone here too. Don't know what I would do without the advice from this site!

I'm spending Sunday at a hotel cabana with my dd and a bunch of friends with their kids. Planning on a lot of pool time, drinks and sunshine. My sweet ds will be staying at home with dirtbag. I'd love to take him, but he's still too little and probably wouldn't nap well in the cabana.

courageous posted 5/10/2013 20:59 PM

Thanks tryingagain74... same to you.

Happy mother's day to all of you SI mothers also!

Bluebird26 posted 5/10/2013 21:37 PM

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers on this message board who take care of their kids.

Also to the single Dad's as well who do the right thing by their kids.

fraeuken posted 5/10/2013 21:58 PM

Happy Mother's Day to all of you too. This will be the first one without STBXH and I have a feeling, it will be the best one yet

PinkJeepLady posted 5/10/2013 22:01 PM

I would like to add Happy Mother's Day wishes to ya'll too! Being a mother sure isn't easy, but so worth it.
I am not sure what is going to happen with my M, but thank goodness I will always have my amazing six children! They have been so supportive and kind to me during this past year, how did I get so blessed to be their mother?!
Today I took my jeep out for a ride to put in a new stereo. While I was out, I stopped at costco and got myself 2 doz lovely roses, Happy Mother's Day to me! Looking forward to a relaxing Sunday hanging out with the people who mean the most to me!
I wish all of us peace and little break from this madness this weekend!
Take care everyone!

Griefstricken25 posted 5/11/2013 15:13 PM

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers here, who pretty much do it all on their own. And to all the dads who are also "Mum".

dmari posted 5/12/2013 03:25 AM

Thank you tryingagain74!! Wishing you and all my D/S sisters a Happy Mother's Day!!

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