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t/j "Jesus, take the wheel!"

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Twitchy posted 5/10/2013 18:33 PM

This a thread jack and a rant about something I just read on another JFO thread.

I'm not sure who sang it but about a decade ago there was a country music song about someone growing into a spin in their car, realizing they're out of control, then letting go of the wheel and turning the outcome over to a "Higher power"

This mentality just infuriated me. You haven't turn over control to some higher power, you've given up entirely.

You've chosen to lay down and die rather then fight for even a small measure of control in your life.

Grab the wheel and steer! Even if it's the wrong turn it's still going down fighting.

End of rant.

Skan posted 5/10/2013 20:25 PM

Reminds me of a story. There was an elderly woman who lived in a house next to the river. That winter was very rainy, and the river kept rising. One day, in the rain, a cop showed up and told her that she needed to evacuate. She said, The Lord Will Provide. A hour or so later, river still rising, a fireman came by and told her that she had to evacuate now! She said, The Lord Will Provide. The river started flowing through her front door, and one of her neighbors showed up with a boat and told her to get in. She said, The Lord Will Provide. The water flooded her house, and it was starting to sway in the current. She had gone up to the attic and from there, to the roof. A swift-water rescue helocopter swooped down towards her and the rescue diver told her that he was coming down to get her. She yelled back at him, The Lord Will Provide, then the house was swept away and she drowned.

At the Pearly Gates, she complaned to St. Peter. "I was faithful, where was the Lord?" she grouched. St. Peter took a long look at her and said, we provided you a police officer, we provided you a fireman, we provided you a boat, and we provided you a helocopter. What part of "provide" didn't you understand?

God helps those who help themselves. IMHO, of course.

Awake2012 posted 5/10/2013 21:00 PM

thank you Skan, very inspiring

Twitchy posted 5/10/2013 22:35 PM

Skan, nice link.

I'm an athiest, but yours was a great bridge to my original thought.

Don't let got, keep fighting. But be open to those, or something else, that wants to joint in that fight with you.

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