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A can of gas and a torch!

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curiouswiz posted 5/12/2013 07:37 AM

T/J from earlier post re: SMELLS. Just when I thought it couldn't be worse.

My cousin spilled gasoline in my Jeep! She acted all calm and cool when it happened. Went and got a tiny facecloth and some carpet cleaner and was at it for a minute or two. We were working in the garden and it's a big area, acres, and I was in the middle of it and tought "Oh it must not be bad or she wouldn't be so calm." So, I carried on.

I never went near the Jeep for that day. The next morning when I was going to take the dogs to the beach I couldn't get in there because of the smell! I am not even thinking of letting my dogs in there. I talked to her and she shrugged it off and said it will dissipate. Ok. I took it to a detailer and he took me right in, worked it for 2 hours and said to let him know. We aren't sure of the entire area that got hit. It cost me $50. that I really don't have!

So, yesterday she's here again, EARLY, to help finish the gardening work. I never went out, again, but she took the Jeep to the market to save me making the trip. Helpful right? When she got back I asked how the smell was and she told me "All I smell is the cleaning solution, but you know me, I love strange smells." Okey dokey.

Later last night I attended the local high school prom Promenade to the lake and the tour boat to take pics and be with a friend. The smell is worse! She FN lied to me! I had such a hard time being in the Jeep and had windows down in the rain! Wide open! It's only a 2 minute drive to town and it was awful! I felt like I drank gas or put my face in a mask of it! I left 2 windows open for the trip home. When I got back in it wasn't much better and I could still taste it. By the time I got home 2 minutes later I had slight nose bleed, felt a coating in my mouth, eyes, throat and nose. I can't explain how awful it is. Even this morning I still taste it! It has left me feeling slightly ill, still a taste of it deep inside me and am so hurt that she lied!

I think the Jeep is totalled because of this! How the hell can I get rid of that? She downplayed it to avoid taking blame! What can I do?

I've bought her a car in the past and she is now getting a car from a neighbor so her idea of taking care of things is sort of "Oh well, it can be replaced." Oh?! WELL?? My Jeep only has 30k miles on it! It is my only reliable vehicle! I have an old Caddy that is ok in the good weather but I NEED MY JEEP!

Am I crazy to think that somehow she is careless because she just wants to get money from me to party and doesn't really respect me? When she helps me I have to pay her $10/hour. Nothing is from the goodness of her heart. It's just to get what she can? I'm so hurt.

I don't understand why or how she didn't run to me and tell me immediately that it was a problem, that she lied about the severity and the amount of damage she did. It may not have been so bad had we acted quickly!

Am I paranoid? More importantly what the hell do I do??? Will insurance replace my vehicle for this kind of damage? What do I do????

My throat is so sore I'm drowning myself in tea to try to lessen the gas feel/taste.

HELP ME! What the F else can go wrong? I can't live here without a reliable 4 wheel drive!

Can you say pity party? Cause I'm crying now! It feels like she betrayed me! It has hurt my feelings so much! My last relative is just using me. No sisters, no cousins, no brothers, no aunts, no uncles they all suck and are sick and I've slowly weeded the this from the last one standing.

64fleet posted 5/12/2013 08:56 AM

Leave the doors/windows open on a sunny day, the vapors will gas off.

gahurts posted 5/12/2013 09:05 AM

I spilled gas in the trunk of my Mercury a while back and could not get rid of the smell. The whole garage smelled and the car stnk of gas vapors. A friend told me that the trunk is an enclosed area and so is the garage. He suggested I open the thrunk and keep the garage door open. I did and it worked. By the end of the day the smell was gone.

Keep the windows open and park it outside or with the garage door open. As bad as you describe it, it might take a couple of days to get rid of the smell but gasoline is very volatile and it will dissipate.

You should also go back to the detailer and get your $50 back. He said he took care of the problem but obviously it was not done. The fact is that vapors just take time to get rid of. He should have told you that upfront.

gahurts posted 5/12/2013 09:07 AM

I know this goes without saying, but please don't smoke in or near your Jeep for a long time.

curiouswiz posted 5/12/2013 09:16 AM

I have let it air's been days now so it must have been quite a bit and I think it's permeated the entire vehicle!

She's found a detailer just now. She just hung up and is coming to get it to take to him. At least she's stepping up! I don't want to lose the last relative I have! I'm so sad about it.

I hope you're right but having done so many days with it open and no results..SHIT! Hopefully this new detailer will know what to do.

Thank you for responding, I'm so bummed.

gardenparty posted 5/12/2013 10:13 AM

Just keep in mind that different people have different senses of smell. My best friend at home has almost no sense of smell which is great for her since she is a nurse. My SO has the most acute sense of smell ever. I am somewhere in the middle. She may actually not even be able to smell it.

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