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Mother's Day

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25yearslater posted 5/12/2013 07:57 AM

My mom was a WS and my parents divorced. My sister was a WS, divorced and has been married to her AP for years. I remember the card my WH bought for me DDay year because it wasn't the typical one that he buys, it was romantic. Today could suck BUT it is my day! I have 2 wonderful kids and I am proud to be their mom!

Happy Mother's Day!

mchercheur posted 5/12/2013 08:07 AM

Happy Mother's Day

JanaGreen posted 5/12/2013 10:21 AM

Happy Mother's Day!

jjsr posted 5/12/2013 10:35 AM

Happy Mothers Day

La Traviata posted 5/12/2013 10:45 AM

Happy mother's day to all the moms!

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