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Survived one wedding...

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sodamnlost posted 5/12/2013 17:01 PM

This weekend was the first "real" wedding we have worked together. He has had the skills to be my assistant since before I knew him but didn't take an active interest in it until this year. It actually wasn't bad at all. I thought for sure I would trigger. In fact, the night before he gave me my new ring (not wedding so much as a promise to work his ass off in R ring). Not long after we got back from wedding - trigger city. SO BAD. Crazy long mind movies. It sucked.

Somehow my dumb self realized the next two I have booked are so horrible timing wise. One is at our church (different actual building but the same people and Pastor who married us) so the ceremony will be similar AND it is just 11 days before the first anniversary of the third time he was f*&king his AP. Which also happens to be just 3 days before the anniversary of the very first time (supposedly anyways) he was ever with her, again f&*king her in my bed.

Our next wedding is just 8 days after the first anniversary of the first Dday. WTF?!?!?

UGH!!! Debating hiring someone else just in case. How is this my life again?!?!? It's sad this is how I view weddings now, I used to love working them and they are a very nice source of income for me. Having someone else do them for me is NOT an option. Just debating hiring someone else be my assistant or not.

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