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She was Worth 18K?

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movingforward13 posted 5/13/2013 09:15 AM

We went to court last month for child support but have to go back next month to calculate the arrearage. I have a friend that works at the CS bureau who gave me a preliminary calculation of the arrearage and it was $18900. Now I told my ex he would be paying me at least $1000 a month in support and owe over 10K but he didn't believe me. He was shocked when the court did the calculations and it ended up being close to what I said.

At court, I will admit, I tried to reason with him again, asking him if she was worth it. Worth losing his family and incurring all this debt in addition to the debt he already owes (student loans, credit cards, car note current total $150K). His response (besides staying mostly silent while I talked) was "I need time." At 34 years old, I don't know what time you need but I am not going to sit and wait. I told him the clock ran out.
Insane. I guess I should be happy, he is in a ton of debt and now I don't have to be apart of it versus if we were married. I got out from his financial trainwreck with a broken heart but why do I still feel like I am losing... The heart is so stupid.

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kiki1 posted 5/13/2013 09:39 AM

I understand what your feeling. Whether we work it out or we move on, we've lost our dream. Keep your head up, your worth so much more than dollar bills. btw-I love your tagline

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