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Reading medical tea leaves & waiting for Dd's endo appt

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sad12008 posted 5/14/2013 17:36 PM

My DD16, was having a few things going on & we decided she should see a GYN for the first time (lucky her!). One of the issues was objectively measurable, namely the presence of dark hair slightly beyond the norm. I've followed a couple PCOS threads over it because my sister was diagnosed with it.

DD is elsewise fully in the societally-imposed definition of 'feminine': tall, slender, great figure; she's done a little modeling. I mention that because of the pertinence to potential hormone issues. Normal cycle.

So today we got DD's bloodwork results back, and her testosterone, free testosterone, LH, everything is in the reference range, EXCEPT her DHEA is more than double the high end value it should fall below.

She has generalized anxiety disorder, so she's ready to go into orbit. I'm concerned but in information-gathering, researching-fool mode.

The doctor mentioning adrenal tumors didn't help any.

I know the odds are long, but anyone here have any experience with DHEA levels that are way off? Thanks anyway for reading through all this...

Dreamboat posted 5/14/2013 21:24 PM


I have no knowledge of DHEA so I have no specific advice. When I googled there was very little helpful advice so I am thinking this is not common.

But I will advise to get her tested again just to verify the results. And then 1) listen to your Dr's advice and then 2) seek more opinions from one or both of the 2 major cities to the Northwest and Northeast of you. Both have teaching/research hospitals. After that, go with your gut on the best move forward.

I have an excellent endo but he is not associated with the teaching/research hospital is is also probably 3 hours from where you live. Send me a PM if you want his contact info.

(((sad12008 & DD)))

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