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When to file?

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Thorston posted 5/15/2013 12:55 PM

So I have moved out, she has kept the house with me getting an equalization payment. She still says she doesn't know what or who she wants. I asked her before leaving how much time I was supposed to give her to decide. I never got an answer.

So I guess now I just have to decide how long I am willing to wait. How did you know that it was over for good and when to file for D? The logical part of me says to put this marriage out of its missery and file now, but the emoional part says don't file until she has made up her mind.

LonelyHusband posted 5/15/2013 12:59 PM

She still says she doesn't know what or who she wants

Right. File. Now. Bollocks to waiting around for her to make up her mind. Free yourself. You are worth more than that and if you don't act like it she sure as hell won't realise it. you deserve to be with someone that wants you and you alone with no doubt in their mind. You deserve better.

If the emotional part of you still wants her then this is also the best chance at shocking her into realising what she is missing, but either way file immediately and start the process. it can always be stopped if things change dramatically.

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