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Seriously, he can't manage his life

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hurtbs posted 5/16/2013 11:22 AM

I guess ex hasn't changed the email address on his utility accounts. I got notifications of reconnect and payment for utilities (not in my name). Water and gas this time. These bills were in the *hundreds* of dollars (normally they're $10-25/month with rare exception). I'm so glad I'm not on these bills themselves. How pathetic that this grown man cannot run his own life. Who can't pay a gas bill? I get accidently forgetting one month, but I persistently get notices of collection or threats to turn off utilities or reposession. As I'm no longer on these accounts, I simply give them all of his contact info (work, home, cell, parents), and send them on their merry way. They don't call back. I assume they call his mommy & daddy and they handle the bill.

So glad I'm not dealing with *that* anymore. My Macy's bill didn't arrive this month and I was expecting it, so I called Macy's because I didn't want a late fee. Cuz I'm a fucking grownup and handle my shit. He seriously turns 40 this year and can't pay a bill - not because he doesn't have a job, he just seems completely incapacitated by the realities of life.

I'm sure that he and his family are finding a way of making this all of my fault. Had I not 'emotionally blackmailed him' for years (you know, by not being okay with his cheating and lying and making him own his shit), I wouldn't have forced him into adultery multiple times. And if I would have just been a better wife and tolerated his infidelities, then his life wouldn't be in the gutter. I'm such a bitch.

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lieshurt posted 5/16/2013 13:25 PM

My exwh is the same way. I'm sure he's still blaming me for it too

ButterflyGirl posted 5/16/2013 13:33 PM

Ditto ^^^

newlysingle posted 5/16/2013 16:15 PM

My STBX is the same way. I took care off all the finances while we were married. I am of course responsible and pay everything on time. WS pays no attention to when anything is due. He has now had his mail forwarded (finally), but I got the notices that he had overdrawn his bank account all the time. He also paid his cell phone and credit cards late too. OW that he is now living with seems to be as financially irresponsible as he is. I'm sure they will be very happy together as we all know that love pays the bills!

tesla posted 5/17/2013 09:43 AM

Wow, my ex-shat is the same way with money. And yes, he's blaming me...saying that because I didn't pay the bills that he needed to get a credit lawyer to clean up his credit. I just about split my side laughing so hard at that cute little fiction!

You know what I love? Knowing exactly how much money I have in the bank and not having to listen to him bitch about how I'm so controlling with the money and I'd *never* let him have any of *his* money to spend.

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