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Thinkin i need a new job

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LadyQ posted 5/16/2013 20:33 PM

I've been with this job for about 8 years. Seen 3 principals, and I can't tell you how many teachers come and go. Today, the principal is showing a prospective new student and parents around campus and brings them by my section. I'm sitting there at my desk, and the principal doesn't even bother to acknowledge my presence. I realize I'm just a "lowly" teacher's aide, but seriously? I'm really getting sick of being treated like furniture!

jo2love posted 5/17/2013 07:38 AM


It's sad the amount of turnover you have seen in principals. It may not help, but I think teacher's aides are awesome. The ones my daughter have had are caring, thoughtful, and realy help DD. I send in chocolate for them and her teachers throughout the year as an ongoing thank you for all they do.

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